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Wiley x prescription glasses, sunglasses and goggles

Wiley X use Shamir lenses and glazing service. They deliver a high quality prescription product using the newest technology - made to secure the best tailored prescription lens for each individual customer. Shamir has a unique lens design and special production process, which lives up to WILEY X high optical requirements. The polycarbonate lenses have a minimum thickness of 2.2 mm +/- 10%, which secures the high safety standards of your WILEY X prescription spectacles. The vision has a fundamental role to all our performances in life. If your vision is not 100 % corrected you will compromise. With a Wiley X prescription spectacle you will both protect your eyes and enjoy all forms of activity.

Wiley X provides:

-Designed frames with high resistance-High quality lenses (the best on the market)-Coating to enhance lifetime of the lens-Hard Multi coating-Backside anti reflective coating, UV400 protection, Hard scratch coating (front/back)-Anti-static layer, External super hydrophobic layer, Double scratch coating, Easy clean coating

Wiley X polarized lenses

Wiley X/Shamir polarized prescription lenses are the best all-round sun lens with proven quality and UV blocking you would need. Available in grey, brown, green and yellow. Wiley X Photochromic polarized

Wiley X Photochromic Polarized Prescription Men and Women Glasses Safety GlassesThe lens is about 50-60% darkened at non-activated state, and it darkens even more when exposed to UV light. The lens is different from all other types of transition lenses on the market, as it is also a polarized lens. The lens is only affected by direct UV light, it will not change through a car's windshield. Available in a greenish-brown colour. 


Wiley X Lens Coating

HMC Coatings

Wiley X HMC Prescription Lens Coatings for Glasses and SunglassesWiley X has chosen to apply this quality coating as standard on all prescription lenses, which they supply. HMC is short for HARD MULTI COATING, and this is a vital coating that all polycarbonate lenses should be treated as it protects the lens and prolongs its lifetime. The HMC coating includes: • Backside antireflective coating• UV400 PROTECTION• Hard Scratch Coating (Front and Backside)





Glacier Coating - 'Crystal Clear'

Wiley X Glacier Prescription Lens Coatings for Glasses and SunglassesThe Glacier treatment features a unique anti-reflective coating with two additional layers compared to the HMC. It is a coating that keeps lenses clean and enhances lens durability. It eliminates hazy, fuzzy vision, ghost images and halos resulting from extremely bright light. 

Glacier coating includes:• Anti-static layer• External super hydrophobic layer to prevent water drop marks on the lens• Oil-phobic layer to keep the lenses easier to clean and keep fingerprint marks of the lens• High-Premium anti-reflective coating to increase light transmission and make it perfect for hi-index lenses• Double hard scratch coating to provide enhanced scratch protection




Glacier Plus Coating - 'Crystal Clear Plus'

Wiley X Glacier Plus Prescription Lens Coatings for Glasses and SunglassesGlacier Plus improves the optical performance, cosmetic appearance and gives no unwanted reflections in the lens. Glacier Plus is one of the best RX lens coatings available on the market today. Shamir Glacier Plus™ contains everything, which is offered in HMC and Glacier, but Glacier Plus is an improved and further developed version of the standard Glacier treatment. Glacier Plus is an extremely hard, scratch-resistant coating that protects your lenses from damage during day-to-day use. • Anti-reflective coating• UV400 protection• Hard scratch coating (front/back)• Anti-static layer on the lens (repels dust and reduces filth)• External super hydrophobic layer to prevent water drop marks on the lens• Oil-phobic layer so the lens is easier to clean and keep fingerprint marks of the lens• High-Premium anti-reflection coating to increase light transmission and make it perfect for hi-index lenses.• Hard scratch coating to provide enhanced scratch protection The Glacier Plus coating is suitable for all types of prescription lenses sold by Wiley X.

Mirror Coating

Wiley X Mirror colour optionsWiley X Europe offers several different mirror coatings for sunglasses both with and without prescription lenses. A mirror coating is mainly for looks, it only has a slight visual effect, when you are using the glasses. It is very different from individual to individual what is preferred. Soft Mirror:Soft Mirror is developed by their prescription lens manufacturer SHAMIR, and it is a combination between the WX Flash and WX Mirror with an inclination to Silver Flash.Soft Mirror is offered in 4 different colours, and is only available with prescription eyewear. Please note that mirror coatings are not available on transition lenses.




Transition Options

Wiley X offers 4 different types of transition lenses, which are photochromic lenses that are activated and darkens when exposed to Ultra Violet radiation. When the Ultra Violet radiation diminishes, the lens fade back from dark to clear. So outside the lenses will darken and indoors it lightens. The advantages of a transition lens are e.g. they reduce glare, improve contrast, block 100% UVA and UVB rays and reduce eye fatigue.

Colour scale of Transition Prescription Lenses for glasses and sunglasses

Transition VI

This lens will darken as to the amount of sunlight present, and it is available in the colours grey and brown. There is no residual colour in the lens, it will be 100% clear when worn inside. The lens is only affected by direct UV light, it will not change through a car's windshield. 

Transition XTRActiveThis is the darkest transition lens for everyday wear on the market, and it is available in grey only. There is a small amount of residual colour (5% grey) in the lens, when it clears up and worn indoors. Affected by all visible light, it will change through the car's windshield as well. The lens will go extra dark when worn outside.

Transition SOLFX

Solfx Transition Lens Tints for glasses and sunglassesAvailable in 4 different colours (see illustration below). The purple colour is developed especially to golfers, because it enhances the green grass. The lens is naturally 30% coloured and darkens as it is exposed to UV light. The colour of NEOXâ„¢ Transitions® SOLFXâ„¢ lens is engineered to enhance critical elements, while providing superior optical clarity, increased contrast sensitivity, and depth perception. Transitions® SOLFXâ„¢ lenses allow you to see and perform your best outdoors. Affected by direct UV light only, it will not change through a car's windshield.

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