Cleaning Your Eyewear in Extreme Conditions


How can I clean my prescription lenses when there is limited water available?

Limited availability of water can be a problem for many people undertaking adventure sports. We have had customers who bought their prescription sunglasses or glasses from us and wanted to know how they can clean their eyewear when there is limited water available to them. This can arise in situation where, for example, they are going on a round the world yacht race, traveling through the desert or walking in remote areas.

If you are planning an adventure trip, consider the following option which are in order of merit:

1. Use the moist air from your breath and clean with a micro fibre cloth, or if too dirty,

2. Obtain a small bottle of alcohol hand gel prior to your trip and smear on the lens then clean off with a micro fibre cloth or if not available,

3. Smear on a small amount of shampoo to clean lens then can wipe off with salt water assuming normal water is not available (if you are on the sea).

Generally, if your lenses are really dirty, you can use a little shampoo and clean off in water. Cleaning your lenses with alcohol is not an problem, but using the cellulose tissue could scratch the lens, so using alcohol wipes are not recommended. Using sea water on its own could also scratch your lens.


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