Sports Utility Frames Explained

Sports Utility Frames - Multi-Use Prescription eyewear


Designed for sport but ideal for any occasion, the Sport Utility Frames (S.U.F.) serve up a fashionable, functional and flexible eyewear option for individuals who require a prescription.

This unique and extraordinary solution adapts perfectly to different contexts: from cycling to running, from tennis to golf, from the office to the night out on the town. 

Key Features:


"Allows almost any type of prescription to be inserted"


Sport Utility Frames are designed with removable optical direct clips allowing allowing almost any type of prescription to be inserted. Thanks to a smart mounting system, they can be removed quickly offering the versatility of interchangeable clear, sun or Transition® prescription lenses in the same frame. This innovative solution is designed with the sports person in mind. The lenses wrap around the eyes more than conventional glasses offering greater periphery vision and wind protection but not as curved as some sunglasses that prohibit the incorporation of some prescriptions. If you have a high prescription and want direct fitting lenses fitting into your sunglasses or want a semi-rimmed frame but do not want a clip-in, this is an ideal solution for you.


Mount any type of lens, without any limitation. Choose any material, any colour, any treatment almost any power, single vision of progressive.


High performance, extremely light, these sports utility frames are characterised by the superior comfort and perfect fit ensured by the Grilamid® frame, the Kynetium temples, the 360 degree adjustable temple tips and the ergonomic and adjustable nosepiece. Because of its low base frame curvature, these frames have been designed to host high prescription lenses and is a perfect solution for wide head configurations and ASIAN FIT FACTOR. 
Where can I find Sports Utility Frames (SUF)?
Sports utility frames are available as glasses or sunglasses. Have a look at the links below.
SUF Glasses:
Rudy Project: Impulse
SUF Sunglasses:
Rudy Project: Agon, Rydon, Stratofly
Progear Eyeguard: Racer

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