About Us

Who are we?

We are an independent family run online retailer and opticians based in West Yorkshire, England.  We are an opticians with a difference - We specialise in the provision of sports and leisure eyewear and offer a huge range of glasses, sunglasses and goggles to meet any sport or leisure need.

We started out as an online retailer of sports eyewear and now provide both prescription and non-prescription eyewear to customers across world. We supply prescription glasses, goggles and sunglasses to just about every corner of the globe from suppling customers working in the Antarctic to even remote Polynesian islands in the Pacific.

Phillippa, our optician, has over 20 years experience in optics and is one of the most highly qualified in the UK with a Masters in Optometry and Diploma in sports vision. Not only that, she is a keen triathlete and participates in many other sports so she really understands how to ensure your vision is optimised for whatever activity you undertake.


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