How to Choose a Prescription Package for Sports Sunglasses Clip-In RX Adaptors

Step by Step Guide to Ordering Clip-in Prescription Inserts for Sunglasses

You can either buy your clip-in insert prescription along with your chosen eyewear or if you already have the sunglasses or goggles and need to replace your prescription, you can simply order a prescription clip-in adaptor on it’s own. Here’s how to do it.

1. Ordering a clip-in insert adaptor with your eyewear


Choose your frame and click the prescription available button below the product image. If you are not sure about which pair of sunglasses or goggles to select, do take advantage of our extensive 'Search by...' facility on the left of the product page. For example, if you want to identify all clip-in prescriptions that are available with black semi-rimmed frames, just click on the options shown below.


When you click on the 'Prescription available' button, you will be shown all the prescription options available for your chosen clip-in insert adaptor as can be seen below. By clicking on the icons in the grid that meet your requirement, it will narrow down the prescription packages that are appropriate for you.


What type of lenses do I need?

The guide below will help you select the correct lens dependent on your requirement. As these clip-in's generally fit behind sunglasses or goggles with a polycarbonate shield, there is less need to consider the Polycarbonate (Poly) and Trivex (NXT) prescription lenses that are impact resistant.


Lifestyle Lenses - Represents CR39 plastic lenses which are the most common lens material used in commercial spectacles today. If you have a small prescription, just click on this icon and it will narrow your choice. 

If you have a stronger prescription, you can still choose our lifestyle lens options, but the higher the prescription the thicker the lenses will become. To reduce the thickness you might want to consider one of the other options below.


Performance Lenses - Our performance lenses are CR39 lenses that are aspheric. They are cut with a much improved surface profile that can reduce or eliminate optical distortions in the peripheral area of vision enhancing optical performance compared to simple lenses. They also reduce the edge thickness in minus prescriptions and make them lighter to wear for both plus and minus prescriptions. Recommended if your prescription is between 1 and 3 spheres.


Thin & Lite Lenses - These single vision resin lenses are thinner and lighter than the 'Lifestyle' lenses. This reduces the edge thickness in minus prescriptions and the centre thickness in plus prescriptions. This makes the lenses thinner and lighter to wear for both plus and minus prescriptions while maintaining their optical performance. Recommended for prescriptions where your prescription is between 2 and 4 spheres.


Super Thin & Lite - As the name implies, Super Thin & Lite single vision resin lenses are even thinner and lighter than the thin and light lenses. For higher minus prescriptions this reduces the edge thickness and for higher plus prescriptions it reduces the centre thickness of the lens. This makes the lenses thinner and lighter to wear for both plus and minus prescriptions while maintaining their optical performance. Recommended for high prescriptions where your prescription is 4 spheres or over.


Sports Lenses - These prescription lenses are made from polycarbonate. They are very strong, lightweight and thin. Most branded safety glasses, sports sunglasses and goggles are made from this material. 


Super Sports Lenses - Made from a unique material called NXT, it optimises the qualities of standard CR39, Mid-Index and polycarbonate prescription lenses while leaving out their inherent weaknesses. In fact, these lenses do not have any weaknesses. Originally made for the windscreens of apache gunships, it will stop a bullet! Its transparency and stability over time are exceptional (no cracking). It is ultra-light, has exceptional optics, is unbreakable and solvent-resistant.


Once you have narrowed down your choice, you can browse through the prescription packages at the bottom of the screen that are relevant to your need. The packages on the slider bar will provide you with a summary of the key features. If you need more information just click on the ‘more info’ tab and then add to basket. You will then be guided through the login/registration process and asked to load your requirement/prescription. It will tie the correct clip-in optical insert prescription order to the frame you selected


2. Ordering a clip-in optical insert adaptor on its own.

You have two options. You can go through the same process as identified above but when you have clicked 'Add to Basket' for the clip-in optical insert you have chosen, you will see a screen similar to the one below that will give you the option to buy the clip-in only. Make sure the pair of sunglasses that you have selected is the same make and range of your your sunglasses. The system will use this information to ensure the correct optical insert is provided for your sunglasses.


Alternatively, you can click on the 'Accessories' tab on the horizontal bar at the top of the web page and then click on the 'Clip-in Optical Insert' tab using the 'Search by... facility. A drop down menu will list all the optical insert options by brand. Select the brand you require and then select the relevant Clip-in optical insert for your sunglasses by clicking on the product image. Once on to the product page, click on the 'Precription available' icon and follow the instructions above


Why choose Eyekit for your prescription?

At eyekit we only offer the latest, highest quality, prescription lenses from the best manufacturers in the UK and Europe. They are equal to the quality of lenses provided by independent opticians and in most cases will surpass the quality of lenses provided by the multiples in the high street. As we provide specialist prescriptions for elite sports enthusiasts and the most demanding environments, we also use some of the best glazers in the UK and Europe. In addition, as qualified opticians and as part of our customer care process, all lenses are tested by us to ensure they meet the correct UV rating and your exact prescription before being dispatched.

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