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Ten Tips For Healthy Eyes



1. Visit your Optician 

Now we are not just saying this as an opticians, it is recommended that you go for an eye examination every one/ two years not only to check your vision but your general eye health as well. If you aren't registered with an optician and live in Yorkshire (or would rather have sports optician) you can book an appointment with our optician. Click here the details on our location.

2.  Wear the correct Eye Protection

This is critical for DIY, at risk sports or for UV protection. We are constantly amazed to hear at Eyekit of the lack of  concern customers sometimes have for there eyes, eyesight and long term eye health. If you are ever in danger of damaging you eyes and don't know whether to invest in safety glasses etc consider how important your eye sight is to you and your daily life. Is it your priority?

3.  Wear your glasses or contact lenses

Keep your prescription up to date. This will help you perform better at work or in sport and reduce the strain on your eyes when you are resting. 

4. Be aware of your family history and conditions

You should always be aware of your family history and conditions. This is simple genetics, if a member of your family has an eye issue you are more at risk. For family eye conditions such as macular degeneration and glaucoma take professional advice on how to prevent or delay the onset of them.

If you are already suffering from macular degeneration we have eye care vitamins you can take to help. Alternatively, eat foods that help to prevent this disease - eat foods that contain omega 3 such as fish or avocado.

5.  Blink Frequently and take regular breaks

Especially if you work on a computer, your eyes have muscles that can become strained when constantly focusing in one area. Also, if you are addicted to your smartphone, tablet or computer click here to find out more about blue light control and the damage it can cause. 

6.  Do Not Smoke

Yes, I know you smokers hear this all the time but smoking is bad for your health. Its bad for your eye sight. Smokers are twice as likely to lose their sight later in life. You only have one pair of eyes in your life. Don't let the phrase YOLO confuse you. You (do) Only Live Once so you need to look after your eyes for the long term. 

7.  Eat a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet should include as much colourful fruit and vegetables as possible. Maintaining a healthy weight will also help prevent high blood pressure and diseases such as diabetes which impacts eye health.

8. Drink Water

Staying well hydrated is beneficial for your whole body but in particular your tears and the delicate skin around your eyes are susceptible to dryness. 

9.  Wash your hands regularly

This helps reduce the spread of eye infections. You should always wash your hands before handling contact lenses. 

10. Take Prompt Action

If you experience any change with your eyes go to your optician. Prompt diagnosis and treatment can help reduce long term problems.

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