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Sunglasses for Sport - A Quick Guide

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses or goggles for your sporting activities is not just about looking cool (although this is an important consideration!). By choosing sunglasses with good frame design, appropriate lens material, colours (tints) and coatings, they can actually improve your visibility, comfort, safety and performance. We can add your prescription to most sunglasses and replace the original lenses with new ones tailored to your requirements.  Are you using the right sunglasses for your sport?

We have a huge range of frames to choose from some of the best sports brands. By clicking on the sport or activity in the drop down menu, we will provide you with a selection of sunglasses and goggles for your sport. Alternatively, we have a great search facility on the left of each product page. Just use the drop down menu's to select the criterion that are important to you until you have a manageable choice of frames to examine. 

A number of premium brands have developed their own lenses that will improve the performance characteristics of their lenses for particular sports. Once you have made your selection and picked a particular pair of sunglasses, click on the appropriate tab on the product page to review the brand’s frame and lens details for more specific information.

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