The snow was short lived but us Brits know that the Winter/ Spring showers have just begun. You know how it starts, you get out your bike or you figure out your hike for the day on the map and you look outside and see the pit patter of tiny raindrop tapping on your window to ruin your plans. But exercise is important not only to keep fit but also for our own mental health and wellbeing.


If you wear prescription glasses/protection for your sport, you might be more concerned about going out in the rain as it can seriously affect your ability to see clearly. 


However, you don’t have that excuse anymore. 

When its raining you always put a rain coat on so do the same for your glasses/ sunglasses -make sure you add a crystal vision coating to your lenses. 


All Eyekit’s prescription lenses come with a FREE Hard Coating but our favourite coating and the once we always recommend is Eyekit’s Crystal Vision Coating (which you can add to your prescription package in step 3 includes:

  • Olephobic coating - This is an oil repellent coating makes removing greasy finger marks, dust and dirt much easier. It provides a significant improvement to a frame smudge repellency and smudge removability
  • Antistatic Coating - Repels dust and Stays Clean
  • Anti-Reflective - will help to reduce reflections to about 1% making your lenses clearer to see through, helping to reduce eye strain and eye fatigue. For example, computer users get the comfort of improved contrast and less harsh glare.


AND by far most important coating for this season (your rain coat for your glasses or sunglasses) is:


  • Hydrophobic Coating - This water repellent coating is similar to a wax coating on a car, it works by weakening the surface tension to facilitate run-off of water droplets from the lens surface. It also helps to avoid smudging and reduce visual distortion arising when wearing glasses or sunglasses around water and in the rain. 


Blue Light Filter
 Do you want this coating but you need a work pair of glasses? Don’t compromise. Choose the Crystal Blue Block coating option. This coating includes the FREE Hard Coating and all of the Crystal Vision coatings above (the OIephobic, Antistatic, Anti-Reflective and Hydrophobic) but also includes a blue light filter.