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Why Choose Eyekit for your Prescription?


Your eyes are your most important sense, why accept second best?

Ever wondered why you can’t quite see those bumps when speeding down the ski slope? Or suffer poor visibility from reflective glare when sailing or driving? And what about that view down the fairway when you are about to take that all important swing? Do you find that you experience poor contrast between the different shades of green on the golf course?

Today modern technological developments in frame design and lens specifications have paved the way for an enormous range of sunglasses, goggles and optical accessories to meet the needs of every sport and leisure activity. The problem is choosing the right eyewear to optimise your vision for that particular sport or leisure environment.

At you will find everything you need to ensure you choose the right eyewear for your sport or leisure activity. We aim to provide you with as much information and helpful advice as possible to improve your understanding and appreciation of which frames and lenses will be most suitable for you. What’s more, the site is organised to ensure you have all the specifications and key features at your fingertips when making a selection to ensure you choose the best value eyewear to meet your needs.

Your eyes are your most important sense and are essential in reading the terrain correctly. More than 70% of our movements are guided by our vision. Sunglasses are therefore much more than a simple fashion accessory and can be used as a tool to improve performance.


We offer a huge range of both general and specialist eyewear

On the site, we offer a broad selection of the latest sports and leisure eyewear and accessories to meet a huge range of styles and functional needs, whether you want high performance sunglasses for a particular sport, active sports eyewear for driving or walking, or designer sports branded sunglasses to wear around town. Whether you require prescription or non prescription glasses or sunglasses to make the best of your vision, prescription swimming goggles for you child, safety glasses for racket sports or sporting accessories and gifts, Eyekit offer a comprehensive selection of the best value brands. In fact, if we don’t meet your needs, email us and let us know!

We specialise in providing complex prescriptions for sports sunglasses

Many of the best sports frames have highly curved lenses. The amount of curvature is called a lens base and the higher the lens base the more complex the lens becomes to produce a customers prescription accurately. Also the higher a customers prescription or the bigger the diameter of the lens also added to the difficulty in achieving an accurate prescription across the full curvature of the lens. For 8 base lenses, (1 base being a flat lens as provided for certain prescription glasses) the curvature is so great that your prescription needs to be modified as the lens curves around your eye to ensure you maintain optimal vision at each angle of curvature. If this is not done correctly you vision will start to deteriorate towards the periphery of your vision.

In addition, to ensure we maintain accuracy across the curvature, each prescription package we offer has limits on the power of a prescription that we can accept. Rather than conventional lenses we only offer the best ‘freeform’ lenses that we call ‘High Performance’ in our packages. These lenses start out similar to an ice hockey puck and are specially ground down over 24,000 point across the surface to ensure the prescription is tailor made for your eyes. If you consider that every frame also has a different back vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and curvature angle around the face and you will begin to appreciate what is involved in providing an accurate prescription unique to you and your chosen sunglasses.


We provide high quality prescription lenses at internet prices

We only offer the latest high quality branded lenses to ensure we optimise your vision. They are superior to those offered by most of the multiples on the high street. Home branded lenses from the high street are fine, but would you consider buying a standard TV when you have seen the improvements in the vision provided by the latest high definition options? We believe that your eyes are your most important sense, so you might as well benefit from having the best vision possible.

We supply only the latest Transition VII lenses. We also monitor the latest technological developments in lenses and only offer the latest versions that become available. For example, if you were to order transition photochromic lenses on the high street, in the majority of cases they would supply you with Transition VI. We provide the latest Transition VII lenses which is a better quality lens with quicker transition rates.

There has also been major developments in varifocal prescription lenses which now allow us to provide lenses that specifically meet your needs. Whether you require varifocal just for the office, general use or specialist requirements such as providing wider distance corridors for driving or intermediate distances suitable for running and cycling, we can prescribe them to optimise your vision. As specialists in sports vision we can also guide you through this process.


We focus on providing a high level of customer service

Customer satisfaction is the key to our business success. Quality of branded products at the most competitive prices, delivery and service is paramount. To this end, all prescriptions and the UV protection on all sunglasses are quality control checked to ensure accuracy using equipment in our own laboratory before they are dispatched. This guarantees quality and can provide reassurance to you that your eyes are protected against any harmful rays.

Whether you are an elite athlete or just want to make the best of that view when you hike across the mountains, Eyekit will help guide you through this process. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience.


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