We have looked at our top 5 most popular Eyewear
items that people needed during the last lockdown
that could help you with this one:

1. Blue Block Coating

Our Blue Block Coating Option is a group of fantastic coatings all designed to make life easier for your eyes. It not only comes with all of the crystal clear coatings:

  • Easy Clean
  • Hydrophobic
  • Anti-Reflective
  • Anti-Stastic

But adds on top of this a High Energy Blue Light filter. The filter reduces/ neutralise blue light which can cause eye fatigue and eye strain and even sleeplessness. Thus keeping your eyes in a better, more comfortable condition, and relaxed vision and a better contrast perception when you are using your everyday digital devices.

 (available for you to choose in step 3 for £40 of our prescription package process and can be added to all prescription packaging excluding industrial safety)

Top tip: If you don't need a prescription but want to protect your eyes you can buy a prescription package and get plano (non prescription) lenses coated. Choose Single Vision, Distance and then Standard 1.5 in our step 1process in order to get our cheapest prescription package £34 then add the Blue Block Coating in step 3.

2. Vista Mesh*

*Eyekit Recommended*

Working from home is tough on your eyes. You spend all day going from your laptop to your phone to your TV and visually not much else. As a result you could start suffering from eye strain and computer visual stress.

To combat this problem we recommend a Vista Mesh lens.

"We consider Vista Mesh to be one of the prescription industries best kept secrets."

It can help both prescription and non prescription user. Vista Mesh Lenses are a mid index lens, so lighter and thinner than standard CR39 lens.

As the name implies, the lens incorporates a micro-mesh filter which acts in the same way as a polarising filter in sunglasses (this does mean that the lens has a slight brown tinged but it is unnoticeable unless against something white i.e plain paper). The lens has been designed to align scattered reflections, dampen flicker and block electromagnetic radiation. Because of this a vista mesh lens can help reduce visual stress and for us in Eyekit this is our Top Recommended computer/ lockdown product.

(It also comes automatically with our crystal clear coatings for FREE) 

Honestly it's a great lens tried and test by us. In fact 90% of our office wear on a daily basis (included those without prescription). I'm wearing them write now whilst writing this, thats my laptop and glasses in the picture.

3. Anti-Fog Gels and Anti-Fog Sprays

Any glasses wearer will understand the issue of putting your mask on, walking into the supermarket and finding that that your grocery aisle now looks like a steam room.

Fog gels and fog busters are great at helping reduce fogging and are inexpensive. Prices start from £11

All you need to do is throughly clean your lenses then apply the anti-fog gel/ spray. 

Top tip: if you have coatings on your lenses make sure you choose a fog gel like Progear as this will not damage the coatings.

Did you know household cleaning product these are very damaging to your lenses?

4. Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety

By now if you've been reading our emails and our blog you will know all about which safety frame you will need for your industry. If you are unsure which safety frame you need as a doctor/nurse/careworker please check out our other blog  Read More

5. Photochromic Lenses*

* Eyekit Recommended- for the lockdown sports star*

This lens is great for those wearers during summer but it is more vital than ever in winter. Although it might not seem so we do still need UVA/B protective on top of normal protective lenses. At Eyekit for both prescription and non prescription user you have the choice between a Polycarbonate or NXT sports protective photochromic lenses

A photochromic lenses is the most cost affective as it can be used for a wide range of light conditions depending on the light transmission. 

Top Tip: After choosing your photochromic prescription packagein step 3 choose the lastest GEN 8 photochromic as this will give you the widest possible light conditions to use it in. From completely clear (cat 0) to very dark (cat3).