Every year we make them and every year we try and try but eventually break them. So its time to stop the cycle and (maybe take up cycling…) and see this one through. Here’s our top 10 tips for making sure you reach your sporting resolutions and goals this year.

1. Think About It 

Don’t just make your resolution drunk on NEW YEARS. All this is going to do is reflect how you feel in that moment. You have to do this for the whole year. So take the time in January to really think about it.

2. Be Realistic

You can’t reach your goal if your goal is unattainable. So make sure you pick something you can achieve with preserving and hard work. This is more important than ever as we don’t know what COVID lockdown and guidelines will mean for 2021. So its best this year to try and work your sports goals around areas that don’t involve competitions or other people.

For example: if your goal its to run a marathon don’t just book a marathon competition, have a back up plan a marathon. Maybe your own plan b marathon that you can still run if the competitions gets cancelled.

3. Outline Your Plan

You need to find away to plan your training into your life. So grab your calendar and your diary and start planning. We all struggle with not having enough days in a week. So if your plan is to train 4 times a week how is that going to look for you and your life.

TIP: Think about drive times or wait times and the weather. Are these manageable for you or do you need to go back to number 2? How will another lockdown affect your training? - (this can be a positive or negative depending on how you reacted in other lockdowns we know that our customer fit into 2 lockdown categories 1. those that had more time/ motivation to train and 2. those that struggled with motivation during the lock down)

So Why not try to practice positive thinking and self talk and reminding yourself how your behaviour will affect your goal?

4. Become a Pro with the Pro’s and Cons

Write a ‘Pro’s and Cons’ for keeping and reaching your resolutions. Keep this list somewhere you can read it everyday will help keep you motivated and strong willed.

This list can start off small but you can develop it and grow the pro list over time as you start reaching your goal markers. 

5. Always Have A Buddy

It's not a secret.

Tell your support network/ friends and family so they can be there to support you. Even better find a buddy who is trying to reach a similar goal to you can motivate each and they might even be able to join you on some of your training sessions.

6. Treat Yourself

Plan in rest and relax days (which is important for recovering anyway). But make sure you don’t get out of your good training habits.

So don’t reward yourself with weeks off or eating entire boxes of chocolates. Instead if you’ve been sticking to your plan reward yourself with new fitness clothing like getting a sport specific pair of sunglasses.

If you're unsure what you need for your sport remember at Eyekit we are sports specialist experts for eyewear. So if your unsure what you need you can either email us at hello@eyekit.co.uk for advice

If you need a prescription why not try our remote dispensing appointment email hello@eyekit.co.uk for more info and to book an appointment.

7. Track Your Progress

Make sure you have short term goals (as well as your main long term goal) that you can meet throughout the year. Short term goals are easier to keep as they are much easier to accomplish. This will help keep you motivated. Make sure you add your short term goals to your calendar or diary so you can reward yourself when you make them. 

8. S**t Happens

Things happen, life gets in the way. The occasional slip up is normal and obsessing over it won’t help you achieve your goal. 

But if you are constantly slipping up it might time to back to your buddy system and with them see if re-outlining your plan or find out whats holding you back, they might have some great insights into your behaviour or top tips.

9. Keep It Up

It takes about 21 days to make a habit and 6 months for it to become a normal part of your routine.

Reaching any goal or resolution is hard work but you knew this otherwise you wouldn’t have made it your resolution. More importantly you can do this.

10. Keep Going

We’ve all been there you started strong but then ran out of steam by mid-February. That’s fine just start again. Well not totally again start but recommitted yourself a day or a week at a time and before you know it you will be back on track and hitting your goals.


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