To make things easier for you we have listed below our top 10 recommended fishing sunglasses. Of course everyone has different requirements and needs depending on their fishing environment so we have tried to highlight the best features of these sunglasses to meet these needs. All these frames have polarised lenses and plastic frames which are the most important features to look out for in fishing eyewear. Click on either the picture of the frame or the name to go directly to the product. These all meet our criterion made in Our Comprehensive Guide to Buying Fishing Eyewear.

Wiley X- Arrow sunglasses with Yellow Lens CCARR11 available with prescription

The Pro's Choice

Wiley X Arrow CCARR11 - £95.99

This is the one that Peter Hornak advocated and helped him win the 2015 Trout Union Cup. The yellow lens is a cat.2 and are ideal during cloudy days to help you perform 100%. However, we would suggest that any of the lens options below are great ones to consider. They are all wraparound frames with scratch resistant, polarised lens. CCARR02Smoke Photochromic lens £64.99 or the CCARR08 Amber lens £95.99 or the CCARR06 Grey Mirror lens £70.99. This model comes with a Wind Gasket. The Gasket is made of a soft and comfortable foam material, which protects the eye against wind and other debris. The Gasket is easy to insert into the sunglasses when required.

The Photochromic- Bolle Highwood sunglasses 12112 available with prescription

The Photochromic 

Bolle Highwood 12112 - £85.99

This is a wraparound frame with anti-slip nose and temple arms. The grey polarised lenses enhances dark fish in deep water and the cat. 2-3 makes it good for fishing in low light to bright conditions. The lenses also have anti-fog and hydrophobic coatings.

 Julbo Wave J4429114 with interchangeable lenses and available with prescription

Interchangeable Lenses

Julbo Wave J4429114 - £70.99

These frames not only come with the option to buy extra lenses (so you can wear them in arrange of different weather conditions) but the frames are also floatable and come with an additional floatable headband. The frame is designed with a protective flexible skirt to enable it to mould to the shape of your face so you won't get water in your eyes.

Brown Lenses Nike Adrenaline P EVO606 203 available with prescription

Good All Round Lens Tint

Nike Adrenaline P EVO606 203 - £82.99

Brown tints improve contrast so that fish can be easily seen in shallow water and bring out grassy water bottoms. Darker browns are better suited to high glare situations and the light brown suitable for low light conditions. This Nike frame has nose and anti-slip temple arms so it won't slip off your face.

Grey Tint Bolle Recoil sunglasses Lenses 11051 available with prescription

Grey Tint

Bolle Recoil 11051 - £64.99

Minimises colour distortion and are a good choice for fishermen in the brightest sunlight. Grey lenses enhance dark fish and are best overall solution for deep water fishing. This comes with a blue mirror coating which is great if you're dealing with intense glare. It also comes with a floatable headband and anti-slip nose and temple arms.

Amber Tint Wiley X WX OMEGA ACOME07 available with prescription

Amber Tint

Wiley X WX OMEGA ACOME07 - £57.99

Amber tint is best used for fishing in overcast or low light conditions. These particular sunglasses are covered by an Emerald Green Multi-Coat Mirror surface which are specially designed to amplify colour contrast and deliver high visual definition. Like all Wiley X sunglasses, it comes with a scratch resistant coating and safety features as standard.

Bolle Fierce 11944 - prescription sunglasses for fishing

For a Smaller Face

Bolle Fierce 11944 - £79.99

S - S/M These have a grey polarised lens with a mirror coating, great for enhancing dark fish in deep waters in sunny conditions. It also has a hydrophobic and anti-reflective coating. The hydrophobic coating helps to shed water droplets and grease marks keeping your lenses clearer and cleaner for longer. The anti-reflective coating prevents those annoying reflections on the inside of the lens, eliminating interference glare and reducing eye strain.

Adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro 6055 prescription sunglasses for fishing

Wide Field of View

Adidas Evil Eye EVO Pro - £156.99

The Adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro is great if you need a lot from your peripheral vision. It has both a scratch resistance and anti-fog coating so it protects the lens from abrasionand eliminates condensation inside the lens. The frame comes with a detachable foam Sweat Blocker insert at the top of the frame that absorbs droplets that might impede visibility.

Wiley X Airrage- Interchangeable Lenses Sold Separately


Wiley X Airrage 697 - £108.99

This model comes with a Wind Gasket. This is a soft and comfortable foam material, which protect the eye against wind and other debris. The Gasket is easy to insert into the sunglasses when required. It also has a removable retaining strap whichprovides greater comfort and security in adventure and impact sports. 

Gill Tracer polarised sunglasses for fishing

For the Beginner

Gill Tracer 9667 - £35.99

Its a cat. 3 polarised smoke lens with a mirror coating. The smoke tint lends itself to enhancing dark fish in deep water and the cat. 3 lens with the mirror coating makes it ideal for fishing in bright conditions. It also has a anti-slip nose pad and comes with a floatable headband.