Choosing the best Sunglasses for Cycling

Tour de France traveling up Home Moss, YorkshireIn 2014 the first st
age of the The Tour De France started just down the road from our show room. It started in Leeds and finished in Harrogate, North Yorkshire coving 191km. It was the 101th Tour De France, and contestants travelled an outstanding 3,656 kilometres. 

Eye Protection is key to great performance whether you are competing in the Tour De France, the Tour de Yorkshire or just enjoying a day out on your bike.

When choosing the right equipment for cycling it is important to make sure you have the appropriate eyewear for your type of cycling. Having suitable eyewear will protect your eyes from debris and insects that could be flying up from your wheels of your bike.

Our advise for when choosing suitable sunglasses for Cycling:

Frame Design

Wrap around FrameWhen it comes to frame design, most of us never consider the suitability of styles for various sporting activities. When cycling it is important to protect your eyes from wind or airborne particles (particularly for contact lens wearers) when on the road, especially at high speeds. A ergonomic wrap around frame will conceal your eyes from these elements helping to maximise your performance while providing an extra wide field of vision.
Anti- Slip Nose padsAs we all know, when on your bicycle your head is constantly moving, looking at your gears, direction, landscape, maps… and when your sunglasses slide down your nose, the constant action of pushing them back up can be very frustrating. Anti-slip nose pads and temples provide the extra stick you need to help your sunglasses stay in one position for the entire ride allowing you to enjoy the view or maintain your concentration while racing. 
 Removable elastic strap 
For added support and stick, having a removable headband will give you the extra support and choice for your sunglasses fit and comfort.

Frame Venting SystemIf your one of those cyclists that has suffered from fog or condensation on your lenses from that early morning ride then consider frames that provide a system of ventilation to move air through the frame. This will enhance your vision and safety overall improving your enjoyment of the sport.

Suitable Lenses for Cycling:

As we all know the British weather can be… changeable! It shows that not only is the choice of frame important while choosing suitable sunglasses for cycling, it is equally as crucial to have the correct lenses in the frame. 

 UV RadiationAs you will know most cycling takes place outside, this makes it crucial that you protect your eyes from UV radiation. Make sure all of your eyewear comes with and states UV protection. (If it doesn't do not buy them)

 Photochromic LensesDo you find it inconvenient to carry two pairs of sunglasses with you to accommodate for the changeable weather? If your nodding your head in frustration, fear no longer! Choosing photochromic lenses allows for your lenses to change colour with changes in light. Therefore they will become darker in bright sunlight and turn lighter on those typical British dark, overcast days.

Polarized Lenses If your training to be the next Chris Froome (a road cyclist- for our international visitors) often cycling on wet surfaces, then you may want to consider polarised lenses which help to eliminate the glare from the road while helping to sharpen your field of vision.  

Mirror Coating As well as looking great, mirror coatings help to reflect the intensity of the suns glare and are a good alternative to polarised lenses.

Suitable Lens Colour options for Cycling:

Whether you have a preference or not, it is very important to understand how the various colour tints work for different requirements. If you are not already considering photochromic lenses we recommend interchangeable lenses as the next best option when undertaking outdoor activities. They allow you to swap the lens in and out depending on the conditions of the weather. 

For cycling the recommended lens colours are the following:

 Grey Lens TintGrey - The most common lens colours: the grey, grey-green, and smoke tinted lenses. They block out light without losing the natural colour perception and are great for sunny weather use.

Brown Lens TintBrown - This is another good choice for when requiring a lens suitable for sunny conditions. High contrast browns and coppers will enhance the perception and provide a sharp contrast on road and track surfaces in bright light.

Orange/ Amber Lens TintOrange/Amber - Usually for partly sunny conditions but is great to help increase contrast to enable you to read the terrain better and to avoid pot holes in the road.

Yellow Lens TintYellow - Its more effective in low light conditions or overcast days. It is superior in contrast enhancement. 

Clear Lens TintClear - This lens is suitable for low light and dark conditions. Ideal for shielding the eyes from wind and debris without compromising vision.

When selecting the most suitable tints for your style of cycling, make sure you also consider the lens category. The lens category will give you a good indication of the amount of light allowed through the lens. Category (cat) 0 is a clear lens. Yellow tints are generally cat 1 for light cloudy days and most grey and brown tints are cat 3 for sunny conditions.

Eyekit’s recommendations for you!

Watching the pennies…

  1. Sunwise- Twister, £26.99 - Interchangeable Lenses
  2. Wiley X- Saber Advanced, £31.99- Interchangeable Lenses
  3. Cebe- Cinetik, £36.99 -Interchangeable Lenses

 Middle of the road…

  1. Julbo- Dust, £69.99- Photochromic Lenses
  2. Uvex- 112, £66.99 - Interchangeable Lenses
  3. Bolle- Vortex, £91.99- Photochromic Lense

I want the best…

  1. Oakley - Radarlock Path, £123.99 - Interchangeable Lenses
  2. Bolle 6th sense- £118.99 - Photochromic Lenses
  3. Adidas- Zonyk Aero pro, £147.99 - Photochromic Lenses

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