Zoggs Goggles

Zoggs goggles allow you to experience the underwater world like never before. Providing a comfortable fit and a strong durability, Zoggs goggles will help children swimmers build confidence in the water and also ensure that stronger swimmers get the best performance out of each and every swim. Their key features are as follows: 

Frame Technology

Air Cushion - Air technology addresses two of the biggest issues of goggle wears and also the reason why many don't wear goggles at all:

    • Uncomfortable goggles against the delicate eye area. 
    • Marking around the eyes.
    • Air technology gaskets provide a ‘cushioned’ seal which gives an ‘almost not there’ fit without any chances of marking around the eye. 

     4 Flexpoint technology - Enhanced frame to optimise flexibility and provide super comfortable fit. 

      Wiro frame technology - Unique bio-tech frame technology, a durable long-lasting frame with soft silicone gaskets offering a super comfortable fit. 

         Fit like a second skin! - Their unique hypo-allergenic Soft-Seal fit moulds to the contours of the swimmers fave with soft silicone gasket to give a ‘second skin’ style comfort.         

          • Soft comfortable fit.
          • Customised seal. 
          • Hypo-allergenic. 

          Straps Technology

          Silicone straps - For comfort and security and varying adjustment systems finish their goggles off. 

          New slide adjust clip - Featured on the Hydro goggles.

            Head Strap - Their double band head-straps also feature an easy adjust system.

              Adjust System - Their quick adjust system featured on split yoke straps, fast and secure. 

                Lens Technology

                Zoggs Sports Prescription Swimming Goggles Reactor Photochromic Lens

                Reactor Photochromic lens - Lenses react to the sun’s rays tinting lenses according to the light conditions. Automatically adjusts to the changing light conditions indoor and outdoors by turning darker to reduce glare and helps manage eyes fatigue. 


                  Zoggs Sports Prescription Swimming Goggles Ultra Polarized Lens Ultra Polarized lens - Italian made copper polarised lenses, repel blue light, ideal for high level light and especially in direct sunshine, reducing glare and reflections of the sun. 


                  Zoggs Sports Prescription Swimming Goggles Mirrored Lens Mirrored lens - Ideal for high level light, direct sunshine and bright condition, reduces glare and reflection of the sun, prefect for swimming outside. 



                  Zoggs Sports Prescription Swimming Goggles CV Clear Vision Lens CV Clearer Vision lens - Ideal for both high and low level light, amplifying light in low level conditions and reducing sun glare at high level providing excellent clarity and vision. 



                    Zoggs Sports Prescription Swimming Goggles CV Clear Vision Lens Smoke/Clear tinted lens - Designed to offer medium protection against the sun and bright light making these lenses great for indoor and outdoor use. A practical solution for changeable weather for every day events and training.


                      Zoggs Sports Prescription Swimming Goggles Clear Lens Clear lens - Ideal for low light, overcast conditions or indoor where maximum visibility is required. Ideal for consistent light conditions providing accurate representation of the light conditions without filtering. 


                      Zoggs CLT Panoramic Vision for swimming goggles

                      CLT Panoramic vision with Curved Lens Technology -CLT is lengths ahead of other lens technologies, offering the swimmer 180 degrees peripheral vision and crystal clear clarity. 


                        Zoggs UV Protection for prescription swimming goggles

                        UV Taking eye protection seriously … - UV protection has been included as a standard feature on all their goggles since 1992. As well as their standard UV 360, they have introduced UV400 maximum protection (blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays) to ensure swimming is as safe as it is enjoyable.



                          Zoggs Anti Fog Buster for prescription swimming goggles


                          ANTI-FOG fog buster for free swimming - Its not much fun swimming blind, Fog buster anti-fog, offers consistent moisture control for clarity of vision. Fog buster lenses will give extra moisture control and a stress free swim. 

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