About the Brand Technology Winner- Prescriptions for men and women Sports Shooting, Archery and hunting eyewearWinner Glasses

What began as a concept for shooting glasses has developed into an entire philosophy offering innovative solutions, unique design, reliable service and high quality products.

All Winner shooting glasses have been created based on a flexible , modular design system enabling you to purchase and combine Winner glasses as you wish.

  • All their glasses and individual parts, like the iris diaphragm for example, can be used for both the right and left eyes.
  • Purchasing Winner shooting glasses means that both eyes receive individual treatment.
  • Winner leads the field in the treatment of the far-sighted.
  • All Winner glasses and parts are made from extremely light and robust materials.
  • All of their “classical” frames are equipped with springed hinges. The frames and ear pieces can be adjusted to create an individual fit for the head and the ears.

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