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Wiley X Glasses, Goggles and Sunglasses

Wiley X is one of the leading manufacturers of protective eyewear in the world and the only premium sunglass brand whose entire sun wear line meet the US ANSI  Z87.1-2010 rating and also the European EN.166 certified standards. Wiley X provides protective eyewear to militar units and law enforcement personnel all around the world including the US Navy, US Army and D.E.A., as well as many EMEA forces.    

All  sun wear  models  are  certified as protective eyewear – and  ALL meet or exceed standards not normally used in industry. Some of the models even meet or exceed the US Military’s ballistic tests for impact – the most stringent in the world and also comply with the European military test (STANAG). During the STANAG test, a 15-calibre projectile is fired against the lens at a speed of 195-201 metres per second, and the projectile must not penetrate or shatter the lens. Wiley X sunglasses provide the wearer with the ultimate in protection that may not be required in a daily routine, but is there if needed. Why take the risk?

US Military wearing Wiley X prescription safety glasses and goggles

Climber wearing Wiley X prescription safety sunglassesWiley X has five different categories of eye wear, each with unique features and approaching certain target groups:

  • Climate Control Series: all models are equipped with the removable Facial Cavity Seal. This range is great for bikers, anglers, skiing and people with dry eye syndrome.
  • Active Series: This range features rubber on the temples, nosepiece or both for extra grip. Some models also come with an adjustable elastic strap, which clicks onto the temples. These sunglasses are great for all kinds of sport, fishing and normal use.
  • Street Series: this series is for the more fashion-conscious wearer, who doesn't necessarily need it for sports. It includes eight models for women.
  • Changeable Series: all models in this collection have inter-changeable lenses and come in different lens sets. Some models have an adjustable nosepiece, and some have removable temples, which can be replaced by an elastic strap. A prescription insert is required to glaze some of the models. They are great for cycling, hunting/shooting and the military.
  • Goggles Series: these goggles are mainly used by the military, police personnel along with air rifle enthusiasts. The goggles all have inter-changeable lenses.

 Safety Features:

  • US ANSI Test Approved - All Wiley X glasses are ANSI approved.  ANSI is the US test, which is  compatible to the European EN.166Fork lift truck driver wearing Willey X prescription industrial safety glasses test. These tests allow you to call your glasses safety eyewear. It shows that Wiley X not only make exceptionally well designed sunglasses, but ensures there is built in safety in the models.
  • Ballistic Approved - In addition to this model being approved according to ANSI it is also approved by the military fragment test (MIL-PRF-31013). The MIL Test contains all kinds of tests with fragments, in all sizes, at both high and low speed – shot against the lenses in the goggles. This test is demanded as approval for work use in the military and the armed forces all over the world.
  • EN166 Test Approved - EN166 is the European test, which is compatible to the US ANSI test.
  • Optical Class 1 with 100% UV Protection - Protection from UVA, B and C rays.
  • High Velocity Protection - Meets and exceeds ANSI Z87.1 high velocity impact safety and optical standards.

WILEY X Young Force Sports Protective

The design, look and quality of this collection offer the perfect combination of cool factor and flexibility, while providing full protection.

All Young Force models are delivered with clear safety and rated polycarbonate lenses, and they can easily be glazed, see our Prescription Available icon for more details. These glasses make children, whether they use to prescription lenses or not, feel safe while providing them with optimal vision, when they engage in their favourite sports and spare time activities. 

The Young Force sports protective eyewear meets the stringent ASTM F803 standard, which requires the eyewear to withstand 0.5-1 6mm projectiles fired at speeds up to 150km/h. This standard also requires absolute optical performance in Refractive Tolerance, Astigmatism, Power Imbalance and many other factors.