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Need lenses that will reduce glare while driving at night?

Anti-glare lenses by Vista MeshUVEX Clear Vision coating for prescription sunglasses and glassesVista Mesh is a unique material that will reduce glare. They are mid index lenses which are lighter and thinner than standard CR39 lenses. As the name implies, they incorporate a micro-mesh filter which acts in the same way as a polarising filter in sunglasses - the big difference is the Vista Mesh lens has a cosmetically attractive pale brown tint to enable their use indoors under artificial light (With a light transmission of 80% it meets standard requirements for day and night driving). These lenses have been designed to align scattered reflections, dampen flicker and block electromagnetic radiation. They work just as effectively as a plano non-prescription or prescription option.

Who will benefit and where?

  • Office environments where fluorescent lighting is used.
  • Where continuous use of computer screens causes eye stress and/or headaches.
  • For those who suffer from visual blindness caused by the glare from oncoming vehicles at night.
  • Been shown to improve reading ability of children and those with special needs.
  • Those who suffer from PSE (Photosensitive Epilepsy) or Dyslexia.
  • Helps migraine sufferers by reducing visual stress.
  • Stroke victims who are left with 'patchy' vision by providing a more complete visual experience.
  • Keratoconus patients who wear an over refraction find that they obtain sharper vision when using Vista-Mesh.
  • Post Cataract patients who are unable to tolerate PC screens or with a history of headaches and clinical visual problems find it much more comfortable wearing Vista Mesh Rx.

Vista-Mesh prescription lenses for anti-glare and reduction in visual stress


Vista-Mesh Features:

  • 80% light transmission brown contrast filter
  • Reflection free anti-reflective coating
  • Super Easyclean top coat
  • UV385 cut-off
  • Unique V-M optical mesh filter
  • Mid index 1.56 material

Vista-Mesh Benefits:

  • Aligns scattered light reflections
  • Dampens flicker
  • Sharpens contrast
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Deflects EMI radiations

How do I order Vista-Mesh lenses for my chosen eyewear?

Once you have selected your chosen eyewear, just click on the 'Prescription Available' icon below the product image and where it states 'Type of lens required' click on the 'Thin' button. This will reduce the choice of lens package options on the slider bar at the bottom of the page. All our Vista-Mesh packages are hyphenated with 'Anti-Glare' in the description. 

Just had a cataract operation and need non-prescription lenses to prevent glare while driving at night?

If you are unable to tolerate PC screens, history of headaches or clinical visual problems such as suffering from glare while driving at night, you can order plano (none-prescription) Vista-Mesh lenses for any chosen eyewear. Just follow the instructions above and select our 'Thin & Lite Lenses - Plano Anti-Glare Crystal Clear' package.

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