UVEX Goggles and Sunglasses

Different. Advanced. UVEX. For those who want more. Because they can. Use your head. For the top spot on the podium.

Frame Technology 

UVEX Nose Adjustment Piece  for sports prescription sunglasses and glassesFor the prefect fit, Soft nose pads - Eyewear fits perfectly when you forget your wearing it. That’s why UVEX uses adjustable soft nose pads and adjustable soft earpieces. Comfortably soft yet dimensionally stable - for pressure-free wearing comfort. The soft-finish legs are cold formable - for perfect hold. 


UVEX Direct Len Ventilation for sports prescription sunglasses and glassesDirect Lens Ventilation - UVEX climate competence delivers permanent draught-free vision and could-free sports pleaser.



Interchangeable Lens Construction - Always the right eyewear with the right lens. UVEX’s foolproof interchangeable lens technology guarantees clear vision for every need. 

Lens Technology

UVEX UV Protection for sports prescription sunglasses and glassesUV Protection (UV-ex = Ultraviolet excluded - UV absorption is built directly into the raw material and filters 100% UV rays up to 400 nm. All lenses provide 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection 

Infrared protection - 100% protection from dangerous infrared rays. Essential. Not just for athletes who spend a lot of time outdoors. UVEX delivers 100% protection from harmful infrared rays with a wavelength of 78 nm to 1000 nm. 

UVEX Variomatic Lens Technology for sports prescription sunglasses and glassesVariomatic - Automatic lens tinting. Variomatic lens technology reacts to every light situation. The photochromic lens does the shading in three levels of protection, from S1 to S3, according to the light conditions. 


UVEX Polavision Lens Technology for sports prescription sunglasses and glassesImproved perception (polavision) - Protection against reflection and other harmful irritations. The polycarbonate lenses of the polavision range protects eyes from strain. Eliminates harsh glare and distracting reflections by diffusing them to comfortable levels. 


UVEX Clear Vision coating for sports prescription sunglasses and glassesClear Vision (easy to clean) - Sweat, water, dirt - nothing which disorts can adhere. For clear vision in extreme conditions. This special coating makes lenses very easy to clean, hence the name: easy to clean. 


Safety tested (robust and scratch-proof) - Extremely durable, the polycarbonate lenses work in temperatures down to -40 degrees without any loss of mechanical strength. A special coating protects against damage, providing scratch resistance with impairing visibility, according to stand EN 1836. Highly scratch resistant outer lens (excludes mirror lenses)

UVEX Litemirror Lens TechnologyUVEX Clear Vision coating for sports prescription sunglasses and glassesExtra protection mirror lenses (litemirror) - Mirrored lenses look trendy - while working hard. They offer extra protection from infrared rays. Reflecting them keeping them away from the eyes. 



Distortion-free vision (decentered lens technology) - Distortion and curving in the field of view can easily lead to confusion on the slops. UVEX class 1 injection moulded decentered lenses deliver clear, distortion-free vision in accordance with EN 174 and are designed for the toughest demands for sports. 

UVEX Lens Technology SupravisionUVEX Clear Vision coating for sports prescription sunglasses and glasses100% Anti-Fog (supravsion) - Fog-free vision every time. Thanks to a special surfaces treatment which doesn't affect the optical quality of the lens. 



UVEX Safety Prescription Spectacles

UVEX prescription safety glasses and sports sunglasses for industrial use

A new choice of styling that unites work and play 

UVEX has developed two brand new frame design concepts. The first. uvex RX sp, combine's sporty wraparound designs with exciting colour combinations and the second, uvex RX gravity zero, features a new material called Trivex for exceptional lightweight rimless safety spectacles, that offer real wearer comfort.

Comfort, style and safety
The modern plastic wraparound frames have fully integrated side shields for a seamless ergonomic style and greater wearer protection. The use of high tech materials together with innovative manufacturing processes, mix hard and soft elements within the frame which not only offers increased wearer comfort but ensures a secure stable fit. 

UVEX prescription safety glasses and sports sunglasses for men and womenScientifically advanced ultra lightweight lens material

Rimless spectacles have become extremely fashionable and popular with non-safety prescription spectacle wearers. The unhindered field of vision and extreme lightness make wearing frameless spectacles more comfortable and less distracting.