Spine Glasses and Sunglasses - Frame Technology

A New Approach

New technology with no compromises with regard to aesthetics and ergonomics allied with patented hinges. Spine 2.0 offer two totally unique and patented multidirectional smart hinge’s. 7.5mm and 4.5mm sizes with no screws to fall out or losen.


Spine has a new and expanded collection with the introduction of the new 4.5 hinge. The hinge has the same performance as the 7.5, just half the size! So, now Spine has two great options. The original 7.5 hinge provides that strong statement which perfectly display the signature hinge that is unmistakably Spine the 4.5 hinge gives way to more subtle and minimalist look. Same performance that you have come to expect from Spine. 

Adjustable - Durable - Superior Comfort - Lightweight - Hypoallergenic 

Get A Grip Features

Spine’s self closing temple technology offers continue grip which reduce slippage enhances stability and eradicating time consuming readjustments (particular effective for high power and multifocal lens wearers).

Spine 2.0 smart hinge delivers enhances horizontal flexibility to manage impact and accommodate all head sizes, large and small. Spine 2.0 smart hinge also absorbs daily knocks and bumps maintaining frame form that is essential for perfect visual accuracy.


Spine Glasses Evolution Sports Fashion Frames for sports prescription sunglasses and glassesInspired by the interaction between vertebrae, Spine solves age-old hinge limitations. Unencumbered by traditional parts and manufacturing processes, Spine strive to out-think the competition. Globally patented, you can be assured there is no substitute, so don’t accept one.


Spine Glasses Tech Specs Sports Fashion Frames for sports prescription sunglasses and glassesThe spun wire cable is the hear of the Spine hinge. It’s diameter is a mere 0.60mm and at full tensile strength can hold over 300kg. The dual springs not only provide the pulling power of Spine, but they allow the articulation of the vertebrae and enable Spine’s unique auto-shut mechanism. 


Spine Glasses Flex Tech Sports Fashion Frames for sports prescription sunglasses and glassesThere are 5 working Spine vertebrae constantly interacting seamlessly with each other to create a 90 degree hinge opening. As every element helps the other to take the strain, they rotate only 18 degrees meaning they share the load, making wear from friction virtually non-existent. 


Spine Glasses Adaptability Sports Fashion Frames for sports prescription sunglasses and glassesInspired by vertebrae these micro injection metal (MiM) hinge flex to fit any face shape, they constantly grip with the lightest of touch and when lifted from the face temples shut automatically. 


Spine Glasses Durability Sports Fashion Frames for sports prescription sunglasses and glassesThere are no screws loose here - because there are no screws used in Spine working mechanics. Accidental impacts are glanced of as Spine moves in all directions, absorbing and dissipating shocks thus greatly reducing breakage.

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