Speedo Goggles

Speedo has over 85 years experience making swim wear and equipment. The customer is always at the forefront of their mins when producing new products.

Speedo’s goggles range is spilt into the following segments: 

  • Red - Competative; low profile for minimum drag while racing.
  • Blue - Fitness/Training; Innovation technology for maximum comfort, fit and vision.
  • Yellow - Active/Essentials; Quality, reliability and comfort an entry level price points.
  • Green - Junior (6-14 years); Speedo’s most popular adult goggles, re-designed to fit smaller faces.
  • Green - Junior (2-6 years); Quality, child-friendly goggles with easy adjustment. 

Goggle Frame Features:

  • Classic-Leading Fit - At the heart of the IQ technology is our first ever 3D goggle seal, developed using real-world head scanning data and available in Western and Asian fit. The unique seal profile fits the contours of the eye, ensuring optimum leak resistance and a secure fit - even during starts and turns. Significantly less strap tension is required, resulting in unparalleled comfort, length after length.
  • Details make the Difference - IQ FIT goggles features a unique and innovative tensioning scale on the strap. A thoughtful design detail that helps swimmers to quickly achieve a secure and accurate fit, each and every session. 
  • Data-Driven Design - Intelligence is at the foundation of IQ Fit technology. Speedo’s Aqualab conducted extensive global body. IQ Fit technology is the result - a real world answer to the needs of the dedicated swimmer.

Goggle Technology Features:

  •  IQFit (intelligent fit) - 3D goggles seal fits the contours of the eyes, ensuing optimum leak resistance and a secure fit. Tensioning scale helps swimmers to quickly achieve a secure and accurate fit, each and every time. The result is a precision fit that inspires confidence and allows serious swimmers to preform better and achieve more in the water. 
  • Biofuse (flexible comfort) - Deeper, softer seals than traditional goggles. Moulds to fit the shape of your face, reducing leakage. Flexible fit means they stretch and adapt to give a snug fit around your nose and face, reducing leakage and enhancing comfort.
  • Cushioned Comfort - Speedo Biofuse goggles feature deeper, softer seals than on traditional goggles, and are so comfortable that you could forget that you are wearing them. They mould to fit the shape of your face, reducing leakage and marks around the eyes.
  • Fexible Fit - Speedo Biofuse goggle frames are extremely soft and flexible. They stretch and adapt to give a snug fit around your nose and face, reducing leakage and enhancing comfort.
  • Core Strength - A visible internal frame is found at the core of Speedo Biofuse goggles, giving inner strength to ensure they maintain their shape on your face, reducing leakage. 

Goggle Lens Technology Features: 


  • Designed for low light, overcast conditions where maximum visibility is required. 
  • Provides accurate vision without filtering out colour.


  •  Popular all purposes lens.
  •  Provides protection from direct sunshine and bright conditions.
  •  Reduces light transmissions and brightness, without distorting colour.


  • Reduces glare from the water in bright conditions.
  • Great all round lens


  • Offers best contrast for objects against green and blue backgrounds.


  • Designed for high and low light environments.
  • Amplifies light levels when indoors - increase vision.


  • Mirror coating is applied to normal tinted lens.
  • Reduces brightness and glare.

 Goggle Material Features:

  • CP: Cellulose Proprionate 

A tough material which is available in a variety of translucent colours and come be easily curved when hot - ideal properties for the lenses in SpeedoBioFUSE and SoftFrame goggles.

  • TPR: ThermoPlastic Rubber

Developed as a synthetic alternative to rubber, TPR contains no natural rubber (latex). Now used as the comfortable frame/seal in the majority of our SoftFrame range, and in all SpeedoBioFUSE goggles. 

  • TPE: ThermoPlastic Elastomer 

Similar to TPR in most ways, certain grades of TPE differ in their chemical construction which can make them more suited for bonding to other plastics.

  • TPU: ThermoPlastic Polyurethane 

A flexible, elastic material with good wear resistance, Used in numerous products, from show soles to skateboard wheels. 

  • PE: Polyethylene

Commonly available in two variants; High Density (HDPE) and Low Density (LDPE). High density variants can be processed to flexible, whereas low density compositions tend to be semi-rigid with very low levels of water absorption. Both variants show good chemical resistance making them ideal for use in chlorinated pools. 

  • PVC: Poly Vinyl Chloride

One of the first widely available plastics, and still widely used in everyday products. PVC is available as a rigid or flexible material in a wide variety of colours.

  • PP: Polypropylene 

A tough yet flexible material (call ‘semi-rigid’ in the plastics’ world), the chemical properties of PP mean it can be engineered to bond with other types of plastic. For this reason it is used as the structural plastic in SpeedoBioFUSE equipment.

  • EVA: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate 

Sharing many of its properties with rubber, EVA is ofter used in shoe soles due to its flexibility and high friction coefficient. 

  • Latex

Natural rubber is brittle and can be easily torn. In processes or refined forms such as vulcanised rubber or latex, the material becomes much more elastic and so suited for use in swim caps.

  • Silicone (Compression Moulded)

Used as the base material for many of our swim caps, goggle seals and straps. The variant of silicone is a solid block of materials in its base form, and is processed using pressure and heat to give an end product which is soft, flexible and elastic. Silicone is often a good material for people with sensitive skin. 

  • Silicone (Liquid Injection)

The best grade of silicone in our product range, it is used for seals and straps on certain SpeedoBioFUSE goggles and in our premium scuba products. Liquid silicone is a refined, more expensive grade of silicone and is injection moulded to produce very precise components. Its composition and soft feel make it a choice for people with sensitive skin.  

  • Anti-Fog Ultra

SpeedoBioFUSE and SoftFrame goggles are fitted with CP lenses and feature Anti-Fog Ultra technology.

In standard lens Anti-Fog coating is applied to the surface of the lens. On Speedo goggles with Anti-Fog Ultra the hydrophobic solution is impregnated into the lens. This technology is superior to standard Anti-Fog lenses as the hydrophobic layer cannot e accidentally wiped off over a long period of use, or by a sharp object. 

  • Phthalates

Phthalates are added to PVC to make it soft and pliable. In some poor-quality products which use inferior PVC the levels and types of phthalates used can be dangerous. PVC is only for Speedo armbands, and is tested to meet strict requirements - in addition to any legal standards Speedo also conform to Pentland Brands Restricted Substances Policy, which is often more stringent! Furthermore, all appropriate products comply to the newly introduced EU Directive 76/769 EEC which control the levels of phthalates allowable in children’s products.