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Seraphin Logo Glasses Prescription EyewearA sophisticated neoclassical collection that reflects the essence of Seraphin Glasses Fashion Eyewear Framestimeless eyewear design with a modern twist of today. 

From small beginnings in 1997 to today’s globally recognised brand, Ogi Eyewear has experienced rapid growth and refined its vision, while remaining true t its original philosophy. Innovation, originality, quality and value are the pillars that make up the foundation of Ogi Eyewear and are embodied into each frame and every collection. Creating durable handcrafted frame with original and sophisticated style is sets Ogi Eyewear apart.

Through the purposeful use of colour, in combination with fashion forward designs, Ogi Eyewear and Ogi Kids consistently deliver style with bold, wearable appeal. Seraphin is know by fashionistas worldwide as the romantic hero of neoclassic luxury, rooted in the timeless shapes of bygone era with a striking modern edge. 

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