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Frame and Lens Technology 


XNL-Xtreme Nylon Lens: is a new innovative lens material. This is the world’s lightest ophthalmic lens material.

  • Best organic  material
  • Prefect replication and clear view
  • Highest degree of safety, unbreakable
  • Lightest lens material in the world
  • 100% UV Protection


(used in their High-Tech Range) 

Carbon is one of the the ten most commonly occurring elements. This carbon fibre technology was originally used in the construction of Formula One cars and some car body parts even consist of fibreglass reinforced polyurethane.

  • Ultra lightness - 14 grams per glasses
  • Extreme resistance
  • Highest quality
  • High comfort when wearing


(used in their Sports-Tech Range)

Xtreme Matrix Polymer is the world’s most elaborate thermoplastic material. It is used in their Formula 1 cockpits to reinforce, support and strengthen Kevlar and carbon fibre. It is extremely flexible and at the same time durable, crack resistant and comfortable to wear. 

  • Resilience
  • Flexibility 
  • Lightness
  • Impact resistance
  • High comfort when wearing

Stainless Steel

(used in their Life-Tech Range)

Stainless Steel is a steel grade with an especially high purity, elasticity and dimensional stability. 

  • Extreme durability
  • High flexibility
  • Lightness
  • High comfort when wearing


(used in both the Life-Tech and Sports-Tech Range)

TR90 is transparent polyamide formed a mix of thermoplastic granulates. It is primarily characterised  by it light weight, elasticity and extreme strength.

  • Ultra lightness
  • Flexibility
  • Extreme strength
  • High comfort when wearing

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