Prescription inserts for Ski and Snowboarding Goggles

How to order Clip-In prescriptions for ski and snowboarding Goggles 

Clip-In’s have become increasingly popular for those who require a prescription for skiing or snowboarding. Although the pros and cons depend on your personal preference, the increase in up take is largely due to the fact that by having your prescription clipped inside your goggles they are a more convenient and comfortable alternative to fitting your goggles over your glasses. All the adult goggles on our website will take a clip-in prescription. Just look for the 'Prescription available' icon below the goggle product image you have selected to determine that they will take a prescription insert.

There are two ways of ordering a clip-in insert prescription. Either you can order them with your goggles or just order them on their own.

1. Choosing Goggles with a Clip-in and Prescription

Firstly click on Goggles at the top of the web page and then use the 'Search by...' facility on the left side of the products page to select the type of goggles you require. Start by selecting 'Sports/Activity:', and in the sub menu 'Mountain Sports:', and 'Skiing'. Then click ‘Need Prescription’ further down the menu and in the drop down box click ‘Clip-in to Frame’ as shown below. This will immediately show you all the goggles that can take a clip in. You can select other criterion in the 'Search by...' menu to zone in on your ideal requirements.

Search By...Tool Bar

Next you just go through the list as you would normally and pick out your ski goggles. Click Here for what you should look for in your goggles.

UVEX- Apache 11 Goggles click prescription available

Once you’ve chosen your goggles. (We are using the UVEX Apache 11 as an example.) Click on the ‘prescription available’ icon. 

This will take you to a page that looks like this:

Prescription Packages

We advise when you are doing any sport you chose an impact resistance lens as these are specifically designed for sport and all the problems you can encounter doing/ playing sport.

Once you’ve chosen your clip in prescription 'Add to Basket'. Here if you haven’t already, you will be asked to either sign in or register. Once you’ve done that you will be directed to this page:

Prescription Package

As you can see here (above) you also have the option to 'buy the clip-in only'. You still need to fill in the details but once you've done that, if you only want to buy the clip-in and not the frame click there. If you want the goggles and the prescription clip-in click continue after clicking on your requirement as shown.

The details here you need to choose is 'Your Prescription Usage' and 'Lens Tint'. Most will require a distance prescription or bifocal if you will have problems reading a piste map. You will need a clear tint to fit behind the tinted shield of a skiing or snowboarding goggle so click 'Clear'. 

Next you will be taken to a page where you can fill in all your prescription details. Fill in all the information needed (note: not all of it will be relevant to you and your prescription so don’t panic if you don’t have all the information to fill all the boxes). Tick the box to comply with the legal requirement and click ‘Save Details’. This will make sure the next time you come to buy a prescription (unless your prescription changes) you won’t need to go through that again.

Once you've clicked this you should see the following:

You have selected the following

                                                       (Please note the prescription right is an example and not a real prescription)

Click 'Add to Basket'.

You should then see a page as seen below that will give you the option to either buy it now (click ‘checkout!’) or ‘Continue Shopping’ if you want to look for something else. 

Buying a clip-in insert for skiing or snowboarding goggles

2. Just buying a Clip-In and Prescription without the goggles

Click on ‘Accessories’ on the tool bars and then ‘Universal Prescription Inserts for Ski & Snowboarding Goggles

Universal Prescription

There are two clip-in inserts available that can be used with most adult ski and snowboarding goggles. There is little difference between thems so choose the one you prefer and click on it.

From there it is the same process as above. Click on the ‘Prescription Available’ icon and choose the prescription package you require. 

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