POC sunglasses

POC Goggles and Sunglasses

POC frames are made to fulfill their primary objective of creating safer frames for sports men and women, whether this be in snow, ice, rain or sun. There tints and treatments are also designed to enhance your vision in different and varying light conditions. 

Frame Technology

  • ACETATE- POC sunglasses are made from high quality acetate frames are hand sculpted from premium acetate.
  • GRILAMID FRAMES- Their injected grilamid frames offer flexibility, low weight and durability.
  • OPTIMIZED FIELD OF VIEW- POC's goggles and some of their sunglass frames have a been designed with a wide field of view, to give the user an unobstructed view when cycling, skiing or snowboarding. It allows the user access to their peripheral vision where they can react earlier to objects approaching from the sides. This is especially useful for skiers and snowboarders to avoid collisions when on the slopes.
  • STICKY FIT- This is a anti-slip rubber inserts at the temples as well as the adjustable nose piece, made of hydrophilic rubber. It keeps the frame firmly inplace a necessity for those wanting to use them when playing sports.
  • RX-ABILITY- RX-able frames are compatible with prescription lenses within the correct range. These frames can be ordered with tinted or clear lenses. DO NOTE that depending on what prescription lenses material and coats  you choose when ordering prescription lenses this will be the one you get in your frame, it may not be the same material as the lenses POC provided in their sunglasses.

Lenses used in POC sunglasses

  • ZEISS LENSES- Ziess have been making lenses for over 100 years and are revered and recognised for there expertise in opthalmic lenses and sports optics. 
  • ZEISS' PC lenses- lenses are made of polycarbonate and have great optical performance. The excellent impact resistance makes them a good choice for sporting activities. 
  • ZIESS' NYLON LENSES- are made of a lightweight polyamide, a material with excellent optical properties. The low internal stress and high material purity allow for lenses with exceptional clarity.
  • NXT LENSES- Was a material originally created for the US army who required a lightweight transparent materials that would provide ballistic protection without compromising optical performance. For more information on NXT lenses click here.

Lens Technology

  • PHOTOCHROMIC- Different light condition call for different tints of sunglass lens. By applying a customized photochromic these lenses adapt quickly to the change in light conditions. For more information on PHOTOCHROMIC lenses click here. In POC lenses the photochromic dye is embedded in the lens meaning it won't be affected by the general wear and tear of the lens.
  • POLARIZED-Polarized lenses reduce the glare from sufaces like water. It works by filtering certain types of polarized electromagnetic waves and leaving only a portion. For more information on POLARIZED lenses click here. POC's polarized lenses have the polarized element infused in the proprietary process. This makes the lens thinner, more durable and has a better optical performance than traditional film-based polarized filters.
  • HIGH CHROMATIC DEFINITION- HCD- POC's high chromatic definition lenses intensify the natural colour contrast by boosting the wavelengths that the eyes' receptors react on. It harmonizes the colour fluctuations caused by the interplay between light and shadow. The result from this is that it prevents eye fatigue and improved reaction time.
  • RIPEL- This is a lens treatment makes water and perspiration roll off the surface, rather than creating a film. The lens stays clean and free of distortion that would otherwise be caused by the water. The lenses will also withstand fingerprints and stains, which make them stay clean much longer than ordinary lenses
  • ANTI-FOG- This increases the lenses resistance to fog up in moist environments or with heavy physical effort, supporting your vision and increasing your performance. 
  • ANTI-SCRATCH- The anti-scratch coating prevents scratches that otherwise can damage the surface of the lens.
  • ANTI-RELECTIVE- The anti-reflective coating provides a sharper vision which prevents sunlight and glare from reflecting into your eyes from the back surface of the lens when the sun is behind you.
  • VLT- VISIBLE LIGHT TRANSMISSION- This is a category, it measurement that specifies the percentage of light coming through the lens. The higher the categories the less light coming through the lens click here for more information.