OWP Glasses

About the Brand Technology OWP Designer Prescriptions Men and Women Glasses, Goggles and Sunglasses SportsWith typical German engineering OWP focus on the materials and their processing. By the first design draft they are already seeking out ambitious, exacting technical realization. The ideal fit and first class quality of OWP glasses provide you with the assurance that they leave absolutely nothing to chance.

If a material is not available in a state that allows for manufacture, then it is further developed. It is not uncommon for them to create their own - often patented - technologies. OWP are always rethinking the color decoration and the surface refinement of their glasses, and continuously furthering their development in creative and innovative terms.

Thanks to their efficient, highly productive technology department, they are able to incorporate the latest market requirements directly into the development and manufacturing process of their collections. OWP therefore guarantee superb quality, reliability and esthetics that are unsurpassed in the industry.

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