O'NEILL - About the Brand

O'Neill Glasses and Sunglasses

O'Neill Brand Logo for sports prescription glasses and sunglassesJack O’Neill opened the first Surf Shop in a garage in 1952. He shaped a few balsa surfboards and sold accessories like paraffin wax and a few vests he started gluing together from neoprene. In doing so pioneered the world’s first neoprene wetsuit and developed into one of the first Californian surf, snow and lifestyle brand. O'NEILL sports prescription eyewear for surfers

It’s eyewear range is an natural extension of the brand’s courageous spirit, with its core values lying in advancements in style and technology in an effort to cater to the evolution of action sports. Its original and unbreakable spirit, surf-inspired themes, bold branding and durable construction has led the brand to become recognisable across the planet.