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Oakley Brand Heritage 

1975 - 

Oakley Sunglasses Oakley Grips motocross handgripsOakley introduces its premier product, a motocross handgrip made from a new material called Unobtainium that is engineered to increase grip in damp conditions.

1980 - 

Oakley Goggles O Frame MX Technology

Oakley revolutionises motorcross goggle technology with O Frame MX, a goggle that became a mainstay in the sports for 17 years.

1990 - 

Oakley M Frame Eyewear TechnologyOakley introduces M Frame eyewear, a milestone in optical research that is awarded 30 patents and embraced by the world’s greatest athletes.

2000 - 

Oakley Over-the-top TechnologyOakley introduces its first performance clothing line, a range of technical outerwear for winter athletes. A hingeless frame worn over the head, Oakley over-the-top debuts at the Olympic Games and challenges conventional thinking of how sunglasses should be worn.

From 2010 on - 

Oakley Elite Time Bomb TechnologyThe Oakley Elite Time Bomb 2 Swiss Automatic Watch translates movement into energy that powers a fully mechanical 25-jewel design. Oakley’s Elite C Six Combines 24 hour of continuous tooling with F1 Racing technology to create a carbon fibre sunglass with double cam spine hinging in beta titanium memory metal. Oakley Elite Special Forces S.I.Assault Boot provides the protection of an M1 tank with the weight and comfort of an athletic shoe. Oakley engineers HDD-3D eyewear, a lens curvature that maximises your field of vision in 3-D cinema entertainment.

2011 - 

Oakley Airbreak Goggles Switchlock TechnologyAirbrake is the world’s first snow goggle with Switchlock Technology

2012 - 

Oakley Raderlock Switchlock TechnologyRadarlock is the next evolution of Oakley Radar performance eyewear with Switchlock Technology. Oakley Cipher is the lightest performance golf shoe in the world with NanoSpike Technology. Pushing innovation beyond the limits of possibility, Airwave a revolutionary goggle combines world-class performance, protection and comfort with a display that integrates GPS, Bluetooth and a host of onboard sensors for instant access to a world of information. A miniature prism lens create the image of a virtual display five feet away, so refocusing the eye is not necessary. 

2013 - 

Oakley Plutonite TechnologyThe culmination of 35 years of goggle evolution and a landmark of technology, Airbrake MX is the first ever MX goggle with impact-resistant Plutonite lens material. Engineered by Oakley to set a new standard for protection while raising the bar for performance and convenience. Not since the early days of motocross has a single goggle brought so much innovation.