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JULBO Photochromic Prescription Sunglasses

JULBO have spent 10 years perfecting the best photochromic lenses on the market and they are now making these available in prescription form. Just in time for your winter sport. 

Julbo Reactiv advanced photochromic lenses for sunglassesDesigned for dedicated athletes on all types of terrain in all weathers, JULBO’s new REACTIV photochromic technology immediately adapts lenses to the prevailing light conditions for ultra-accurate vision, whatever the weather. Julbo’s REACTIV lenses offer the best photochromic prescription lens on the market. Manufactured using casting technology, they benefit from photochromic treatment throughout the body of the lens and come with a lifetime warranty. They offer outstanding performance in all technical criteria: reactivity speed, photochromic range, lens colour, efficiency of the polarising filter and special coatings to meet specific needs.

Julbo sunglasses for all sports - cycling, mountaineering, running, skiing

Key Features:

✔Fantastic photochromic range- Speed of reaction to light

✔Great varity of lens colours

✔Expert solar protection and polarising filters

✔Razor-sharp Vision ensures a high optical quality

✔Designed for all types of terrain 

✔Designed for all types of weather

✔Light and Tough lenses- These lenses are available in NXT and Polycarbonate. Both materials have a low density as well as being ultra-tough and particularly suited for sports and outdoor activities 

✔Guarenteed durability

✔Angle of Vision- The RX Trem Lenses offer the widest field of distortionfree vision possible, ensuring clear vision whichever direction is looked in.

5 Adaptable Lenses

REACTIV market-leading technology has resulted in 5 lenses adapted to different sports. In addition to being offered as a prescription option they are now available in their non-prescription sunglasses ranges.

Julbo prescription lenses for all sports - cycling, mountaineering, running, skiing 

These lenses have the optimum qualities for an organic lens while benefiting from a mineral glass manufacturing technique using very low-temperature casting.

Their transparency and stability over time are exceptional (no cracking) and they are ultra-light, unbreakable and solvent-resistant.

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