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The multi-layer construction of INVU ultra polarised lenses make the lens virtually unbreakable. They can therefore be safely used for all sports and outdoor activities. The UV protection layer of the lens completely blocks all UV rays up to 400 nanometers while allowing useful light pass through the eye.

INVU ultra polarised lenses have a precision hard coat layer that helps prevent scratching, thus allowing sunglass wearers to enjoy their INVU sunglasses for longer. 

Glare-Free Vision through INVU Ultra Polarised Lens Technology

The technology in the ultra polariser and the colour enhancement layers work hand-in-hand to give consumers the best possible vision. The ultra polariser removes the glare, while the colour enhancement allows the true colours to come through and enhances the contrast below colours.

  • Visible light waves from the sun travel in all directions
  • When sunglass reflects off a horizontal surface a large part of this light can become polarised in the horizontal plane and is experience as white, disturbing glare
  • Glare masks the overall scene and prevents us from perceiving detail, colours and contrasts as we should. Useful light is overpowered by the glare
  • INVU ultra polarised lenses block up to 99.9% of the useless horizontally reflected light and let only the useful light through your eye
  • The result is clearer vision, better contrasts, less eye fatigue and better perception of detail

INVU Ultra Polarised Lens Technology

Ensures people to enjoy the true beauty around them with glare-free vision, better colour perception and improved contrasts.

INVU Ultra Polarised: The Next Generation in Protective Polarised Lens Technology

  • INVU works with the best-in-class polarised lens manufacturers
  • INVU has access to the latest polarising technology developments from the whole market
  • INVU regularly controls quality and certifies manufacturers on an ongoing basis
  • INVU ultra polarised lenses meet and exceed all global sunglass lens standards