How to Take Care of Your Eyewear

Easy Care Tips

Your eyewear is an important investment; this includes prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. To keep them in good condition, here are some easy care tips.


  • Check your sunglasses frequently for signs of wear. If a hinge screw is loose, visit an optician to have it tightened or purchase a small, precision screwdriver and do it yourself.
  • Carefully check the alignment of your eyewear in front of the mirror. If they seem misaligned, return to your optician for a frame adjustment.


  • Begin by rinsing them under lukewarm tap water. This will wash away any dust/ grit that may cause scratches.
  • Rub in a few drops of lotion-free dishwashing liquid on both sides of the lenses and frame or use a spray on lens cleaner. Clean the entire frame thoroughly to remove smudges, skin oils, and/or fingerprints that can damage its finish.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a clean, lint-free cotton towel.
  • For quick cleaning use a microfiber lens cloth.
  • Rinse and clean perspiration from your sunglasses as soon as possible. Sweat and skin can damage frame and lens coatings.
  • Avoid wood-based materials, such as facial tissue, which are too abrasive for safe cleaning
  • To prevent scratches, never use your fingers or fingernails to remove a spot on the lens surface.


  • Keep your eyewear in a protective case when you’re not wearing them. If this is not possible, leave them open and upside down on a flat surface in a safe place.
  • Avoid placing your sunglasses without a case in your purse or pocket. Keys or combs can easily scratch them.
  • Don’t leave your sunglasses on the dashboard of your car. The intense heat that can occur inside a closed car on hot sunny days can damage lens coating and/ or frame hardware.
  • Always use both hands to remove your sunglasses. This will prevent the frame from becoming bent and curved.
  • Don’t wear sunglasses on the top of your head as it can stretch the frames.

 Accessories to Consider

  • Protective Case: If your sunglasses don't come with a hard or padded case, buy one. A case protects your eyewear from scratching and crushing, and helps keep the lenses clean.
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: Keep one with your eyewear to ensure you are not tempted to use something less appropriate to hand.
  • Retaining Bands: These are a must for active sports.
  • Storage Clip: A visor-mounted clip for your car keeps your sunglasses safe and accessible when not in use.
  • Cord or Chain: If you're in and out of the sun constantly, like a delivery driver, a cord is useful. It will avoid you having to put your sunglasses away all the time and also ensure you don’t leave them anywhere!