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Harley Davidson sports fashion prescription glasses and sunglasses logoEstablished in 1901, Harley-Davidson is now one of the most About the Brand-  Harley Davidson Prescriptions sport glasses and sunglasses men and womenrecognised brands on the planet. As they state in their purpose - ‘We fulfil dreams of personal freedom’ is reflected in their eyewear range.  

Customers for life … Harley-Davidson values the deep emotional connection that is created with its customers through their products, services and experiences. They exemplify this commitment by embracing a culture of personal responsibility and stewardship for quality in everything they do.

As a global leader in the forefront of optical technology, Harley-Davidson in combination with Wiley X exists because it recognises the reality that today’s lifestyles pose constant threats to eye health. Harley-Davidson products are put through rigorous testing in order to be ANSI Z87.1 rated, and in the case of some styles, the military’s stringent Ballistic VO impact certification making them the leading provider of eyewear to the US military. However, eye protection for everyday life only works if people want to wear it. That’s why Wiley X remains committed to creating stylish eyewear desirable for virtually any occasion.

Harley-Davidson have developed eyewear for the Motorcycle market.

Wiley X Motorbike Safety Eyewear Prescriptions sport glasses and sunglasses men and womenMotorcycle sunglasses can be crucial for a road trip. Whether you ride a touring bike or into MX riding, into racing or just cruising,  protective motorcycle eyewear serve a basic purpose of not only keeping the sun out of your eyes, but if a visor is not worn, will also help protect the eyes from wind, dust, debris – anything that is thrown your way. Harley-Davidson sunglasses have polycarbonate shatter-resistant lenses for safety and give you the perfect sunglasses to wear while riding a motorbike. They have a huge choice whether you choose sunglasses with or without the Wiley X patented removable soft foam.


2017 Harley Davidson Sports Prescription Sunglasses Catalogue2017 Harley Davidson Sunglasses Catalogue

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