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Cecil Gee sports prescription eyewear brand logo Cecil Gee Fashion Male Frames Prescription Glasses The company was founded in London’s Charring Cross Road by Cecil Gee, who quickly revealed himself to be one of the country’s most innovative men’s clothing specialist. Success followed success with the Jacket Shirt in the 1930s, and later with the ‘demob suit’ for the returning soldiers of World War Two. Another Cecil Gee success came in the 1950s when he recognised that by importing fabrics, he was able to provide suits which could be more lightweight, comfortable and versatile. Among the brand names brought into the UK market were Canali and Brioni, the latter was the maker of the soon-to-be-famous James Bond Suit. Cecil Gee stores were iconic throughout the 60s pop culture, providing great British innovation design, very much part of the Kings Road scene. Now central stores identify the dapper and suited style necessary for today’s modern man, clean cut with pride in appearance, positive and brand loyal.

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