CAT RX Safety Eyewear

CAT RX Safety EYEWEAR - About the Brand Technology

These frames have been designed with safety in the workplace in mind, such as CAT noticed that in some industries many eye injures occurred when glasses are lifted to get a closer look. So to combat this each of there glasses have a clarity of vision, anti-fog coating, anti-scratch coating and easy to clean all of which are designed to enhance the visual experience and eliminate reason why you would need to remove the frame. Below, we have highlighted their key frame and lens technologies. 

CAT Safety Frame Technology

CAT Prescription Safety glasses - Adjustable Nose Bridge Glasses, Goggles Prescriptions Sports and Work for Men and WomenADJUSTABLE BRIDGE . Designed to adapt itself perfectly to your nose with a perfect support on your face.

 CAT Prescription Safety glasses - Non-Slip Tipgrip Technology Glasses, Goggles Prescriptions Sports and Work Men and WomenNON-SLIP TIPGRIP TECHNOLOGY. The TIPGRIP non-slip technology designed and used for some frames allows a better grip of your safety spectacles.

CAT Prescription Safety glasses -  Pivoting Temples Glasses, Goggles Prescriptions Sports and Work Men and WomenPIVOTING TEMPLES. This technology allows better adaptation of the angle of the spectacles whatever your face shape.                                                                                                                                                         

CAT Prescription Safety glasses - Mult-Length Temple Adjustment

SIDE LENGTH ADJUSTMENT - Incorporates features that enable the side arm to be adjusted to fit most head sizes.  

CAT Prescription Safety glasses - Frame Venting SystemFRAME VENTING SYSTEM - Air holes in the frame help direct air currents towards the face to prevent fogging.

CAT Prescription Safety glasses - Soft frame constructionSOFTFRAME - Softframe construction for increased comfort. 

CAT Safety Lens Technology 


CAT Prescription Safety glasses - Clear Polycarbonate Lens Glasses, Goggles Prescriptions Sports and Work Men and WomenClear Lens: The clear lens technology approved for permanent wear and certified with perfect optical quality with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. 100% UV filtration. 

CAT Safety Frame Technology

CAT protective eyewear Safety Standards:

CE EN 166:2001

ANSI Z87.1:2003 

CSA Z94.3:2007

AS/NZS 1337

These standards scientifically prove that all CAT frames:

  • Shield against chemical splash
  • Resist mass impact at velocity
  • Withstand extreme pressures of heat and cold
  • Provide excellence in optical quality including resilience to UV and other harmful rays

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