Bolle Sports Protective

Bolle Sports Protective Glasses

Bolle Sport Protective eyewear offers full protection and visual accuracy beyond comparison: optimal optical quality of the lenses, anti-scratch and anti-fog, high resistance to frontal impact, lateral shock protection and 100% UVA and UVB filtration.

Bolle Protective Technology

Bolle Sports Protective Prescription Eyewear SAS Shock Absorption SystemSAS (Shock Absorption System) - A revolutionary industrial process that allows co-injecting two different materials at the same time: hard material for impact resistance and very soft materials for impact absorption. This new process does not use chemical bonding agents, greatly reducing the risk of allergic reactions and avoiding the possibility of heat-induced separation of components. This process also offers a very high level of durability. 


Bolle Sports Protective Prescription Eyewear Platinum CoatingPlatinum-Coating - The most efficient Bolle-owned scratch resistant and anti-fog technology, used successfully in industrial and military environments. It delivers precise vision even during the most demanding physical activities. 


Bolle Sports Protective Prescription Eyewear New Polycarbonate GradeNew Polycarbonate Grade -  All Sport Protective frames are constructed with a recently developed grade of polycarbonate, delivery flexibility for comfort combined with a very high level of impact resistance. Additional benefits include: greater adjustability and an unrivalled ergonomic fit. 

Bolle Sports Protective Prescription Eyewear Technology Image

Bolle Sports Protective Safety  

EN 166 : 2001 Personal Eye Protection - The reference European standard applies to all personal eye protection used to protect from various dangers that may damage the eye or alter vision. Eye protectors equipped with corrective lenses are not excluded from the field of application of this standard.   

NF EN 166 - 2—2 (DI 89/686/CE 21/12/1989) 

ASTM F803 Eye Protectors For Selected Sports  - The American reference standard for eye protection in sports. Each sport requires specific impact tests and is listed in different categories corresponding to the risk involved, such as speed, size and weight of the ball used.  

ASTM F803 - Standard Specification for Eye Protects for Selected Sports

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