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Bolle Safety Glasses and Goggles 

About the Brand- Bolle safetyBolle Safety sports prescription eyewear brand logoEstablished in 1888 in Oyonnax, France, Bollé is well into its second century as a market leader. The Bollé brand has become synonymous with quality and enjoys a prestigious international reputation for progressive technical development of performance eyewear for sports and eye protection. The evolution of Bollé Safety does not end with the advancement of protection and the finest specialty lenses and treatments in the marketplace. Stylish design and comfort are also vital to the Bollé Safety line. Drawing from more than 65 years of eyewear development and manufacturing experience, Bollé Safety takes cues from the Bollé sunglass line – well known for technology, comfort and style.

Bolle Safety Solutions

Against each risk, there exists a powerful answer by Bollé Safety. Bollé Safety continues its vocation around one only objective : to detect all possible work environment risks and provide tangible technological solutions and specifically targeted treatments, that comply with the most stringent European Standards. Industry, public works, construction, aeronautics, military… Bollé Safety caters to all markets. Bollé Safety unceasingly improves its models with technological and ergonomic solutions to satisfy users daily.

In addition to providing solutions to general risks Bolle also provide specific safely products.

About the Brand- Bolle safetyWelding - Unprotected electric-arc welding is dangerous. It can lead to painful inflammation of the cornea and irreversible opacity of the eye’s crystalline lens, called cataracts. Bolle’s line of products is entirely researched and designed to meet the requirements of prevailing standards, your comfort and aesthetic appeal. Their team of specialists have developed solutions that are best adapted to your risks. (EN169 - EN175 - EN379) 


About the Brand- Bolle safetyLaser Protection - For laser protection, Bollé offers polycarbonate organic filters with several assets:

  • Safety: Almost unbreakable, they are 20 times more
    resistant to shock and impact than tempered mineral glass of equal thickness. Their
    pigments and absorbers are completely incorporated in the material.
  • Warning: In the event of overload, these new filters melt with a clearly audible noise, warning the user of danger, whereas a mineral filter may shatter and allow the laser radiation to pass through.
  • Comfort: Designed to provide the wearer with the highest levels of style, comfort and fit.(EN207 - EN208).



    About the Brand- Bolle safetyMilitary - Renowned as the eyewear protection specialist for solar, sport and industry, Bollé has developed a wide ballistic product range branded Bollé Tactical. These meet the highest standards in terms of ballistic resistance, dust filtration, UV and laser radiations and optical quality. All the Bolle Tactical products are designed, tested and certified to offer the most efficient solution for every situation and environment: antiterrorism, special operations… (EN166 - EN170 EN172 - EN207 - EN208 STANAG 2920).