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Bolle Nova ski gogglesi About the Brand technology Prescriptions sport goggles glasses and sunglasses for men and womenBolle thinks a lot about technology: how it can optimize performance, fit and style to get lens-to-frame synchronicity - Goggles that hug your face and share your vision.

Bolle Goggle Frame Technology

Bolle Goggles Technology Forestay SystemForestay™ System - Swinging outrigger to maintain perfect fit with helmets is available on several Bolle ranges. 



Bolle Goggles Technology Triple LayerTriple Layer Face Foam - Ultra soft micro-fleece is the only material on your face, backed with two layers of multi-density foam for a firm soft fit. 

Bolle Goggles Technology Double LayerDouble Layer Face Foam
- A medium density foam backed with a soft micro-fleece face layer. 

Bolle Goggles Technology Wide Field of ViewWide Field Of View - Wide field of view ensures maximum peripheral view, necessary when you are flying through the slalom gates or spinning to spot a landing over your shoulder. The Gravity features a unique new spherical shield, designed with a steeper curve to provide face-hugging fit and the widest field of view in a spherical goggle.

Bolle Goggles Technology Flow-TechFlow-Tech® Venting - Designed to reduce fogging and optimize the flow of air over the inside of the lens. These venting ports control airflow, while preventing clogging from snow and ice.


Bolle Goggles Technology Sports Prescription InsertsSport Prescription Inserts - Bollé goggles can be customized with an optical prescription adapter that fits inside. For a complete list of Bolle ranges that take clip-in prescriptions, just go to our 'Search by...' section and click ‘Bolle’ under brand and ‘Clip-in to Frame’ under need prescription. 

Bolle Goggles Technology Over The HelmetOver The Helmet - All Bollé goggles are engineered with the latest helmet designs in mind so the fit is smooth.

Bolle Goggles Technology Over The GlassesOver the Glasses – Bolle have a number of goggle ranges that are designed to fit over glasses. For a complete list of Bolle ranges that will fit over your glasses, just go to our 'Search by...' section and click ‘Bolle’ under brand and ‘Fit over Glasses’ under need prescription.

Bolle Goggles Technology Siliconised StrapSiliconised Strap - The siliconised strap helps provide total support for the goggle on the helmet. 

Bolle Goggle Lens Technology

Bolle Goggles Technology EqualizerEqualizer® Vent - Bollé® Equalizer technology uses a waterproof, breathable vent to eliminate any moisture. The result is distortion free vision and no fogging at any altitude. Available on: Gravity, Simmer and Quasar OTG.

Bolle Goggles Technology UV Protection Protection UV - All Bollé lenses block harmful UVA / UVB rays up to 400 nanometers. 


Bolle Goggles Technology P80 +P80 Plus / Carbo Glas® [Anti-Fog / Anti-Scratch] - Applied to their polycarbonate lenses, P80 Plus/Carbo Glas is the Bollé® proprietary coating that provides maximum protection against unwanted lens fogging and most scratching.


Bolle Goggles Technology Double LensDouble Lens Thermal Barrier - The Bollé unique double lens design creates a thermal barrier, while providing exceptional optics and a superior seal. 

Bolle Goggles Technology Carbo GlasCarbo Glas Anti-Scratch - A high-tech protective armour applied to the outer lens creates a shield to significantly reduce scratching, keeping your lenses and outlook as clear as a bluebird sky.



Photochromic Lenses - A state-of-the-art, high contrast, light reactive lens that changes lens tint density with the changing light conditions. The more UV light exposed to the lens, the darker the lens will become. For a complete list of Bolle ranges that incorporate photochromic lenses, just go to our ‘Search by...’ section and click ‘Bolle’ under brand and ‘Photochromic’ under Lens Type.

About the Brand Technology- Bolle- Photochromic Goggles - Vermillion Blue Lens Prescription, goggles sunglasses and glasses men and womenAbout the Brand Technology- Bolle- Photochromic Goggles - Citrus Dark Lens Prescription, goggles sunglasses and glasses men and women


About the Brand Technology- Bolle- Polarized Lenses Prescription, goggles sunglasses and glasses men and women

Polarized Lenses - Bollé® features Brown and Aurora polarized lenses with a polarized film that blocks the horizontal reflected component of light. The result is enhanced contrast so you will see more terrain features. For a complete list of Bolle ranges that incorporate polarized lenses, just go to our ‘Search by...’ section and click ‘Bolle’ under brand and ‘Polarized’ under Lens Type.


What is Phantom Light Adaptive Lens Technology?

Phantom lens is combination of 4 advance technologies that revolutionises vision on snow. Made with NXT materials to deliver greater definition. Molecular photochromic filter adapting of any light codition. LTS technology (Low Temperature Sensitive) ensuring a high photochromic performance even in low temperatures. Semi-polarised film to reduce distracting glare and enhance contrast. 

Optical clarity

Made with NXT material to deliver greater definition

  • Optimal clarity
  • Lightweight
  • High impact resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • 100% UV protection

Photochromic Performance

Phantom lens technology achieves a wide range visible light transmission, ensuring precise visual acuity in all weather conditions, including the most extreme. The lens tint changes with the light from category 1 to category 3 in less than 30 seconds.


Bolle has advanced the performance of photochromic technology to an entirely new level. The Phantom lens with exclusive LTS Technology (Low Temperature Sensitivity), delivers to improved activation, darkening or lightening whether the temperature is -10 degrees or 20 degrees.

Vision Enhancement

Phantom+ is equipped with a semi-polarised film (50% polarisation) to efficiently block intense galre reflected by the snow and reduce eye fatigue while enhancing the perception of colour and contrast. This helps you to better read the terrain for greater precision and the best possible line.

NXT Material Premium Optics

NXT Material combines the best and both worlds: the optical clarity of mineral lenses and the lightweight and impact resistance of organic lenses. Made with NXT material, Bolle lenses dramatically enhance your vision. Available on Bolle’s Phantom lenses, NXT material guarantees the best possible combination of visual acuity, comfort and protection.

Enhanced Precision 

Whether you are about to drop, in the forest or on the slop, perfect vision is crucial if you are to perform at your best. With optical clarity close to that of a mineral lens, Bolle lenses considerably improve your visual acuity is an improved hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. This enable athletes at every level to employ the technology required to dominate the competition. 

High Impact Resistance

NXT material lenses not only protect you 100% from harmful UV rays, but in addition they are built for maximum impact resistance. NXT material is one of the strongest materials on the market. Originally adapted from a military use - jet canopies and helicopter windshields - lenses are subjected to rigorous high velocity impact test.


MXT material is also close to the lightest lens material available today, being 14% lighter than polycarbonate. This allows for larger designs with fuller coverage, to deliver ultimate protection and utmost comfort.