Bolle - About the Brand Prescription

Bolle Prescriptions for Glasses and Sunglasses 

Bolle offer an outstanding range of prescription power across the lens.

  • +6 to -8 spheres with opposite cylinders to +/-4 total power for 99% of their prescription.
  • With b-thin active design technology, lenses are up to 72% thinner and 45% lighter.
  • Freeform technology stemming from the requirements of competitive sport.

 How good are Bolle prescription lenses?

Bolle's single vision and varifocal progressive prescription design solution for glasses and sunglassesIn our classification of lenses they are equivalent to our Best - High Performance lenses. They use what they call b-thin active design technology. This uses freeform technology in combination with software that precisely calculates your prescription across the lens at every angle using thousands of precision points. Any axial compensation of the prescription takes into account they size of the frame you select. This prescription program ensures optimum precision, comfort and frame balance for sports sunglasses. Bolle provide these lenses for both their single vision and progressive sunglasses.

What are the advantages of lenses using Freeform technology compared to generic lenses?

Comparison of generic lenses compared to freeform lensesGeneric lenses can have a disruptive blur-around the perimeter of the lens. The amount of blur will be dependent on the size of the lens, its curvature, and power of the prescription. In contrast, freeform technology provides a clear view over the whole area.

What type of Varifocal lenses do Bolle offer?

They provide both a sports varifocal design and a general varifocal design option.

Bolle sports varifocal prescription design for glasses and sunglassesSports Varifocal - Ideal for outdoor activities that require a wider field of vision such as cycling, running, tennis, skiing, orienteering, football and other active sports. They have varifocal lenses with unobstructed long-distance vision and more restricted near-vision range.

Bolle general varifocal prescription design for glasses and sunglassesGeneral Varifocal - Provides the right balance between near and long-distance sight. Ideal for daily use and all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities such as golf, dishing and driving. Versatile progressive lens that offers wide long-distance and near-vision range. These are varifocal lenses that offer large vision from near to far.

Bolle Lens Options

Bolle offer a wide range of clear, tinted, polarising and photochromic prescription lens solutions that match those offered in their non-prescription range. The choice varies between the type of frame selected. See below for options available.

Table showing Bolle range of lens colours available for glasses and sunglasses

Table showing Bolle range of lens colours available for glasses and sunglasses

Bolle shield lenses available for 5th element, 6th sense, B-rock, Aeromax, and Vortex

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