Best Prescription and non Prescription Sunglasses for Golf

2018 Review of Sunglasses for Golf

Advice on buying sunglasses for golfThe weather is finally turning and many of you will be dusting off your golf clubs and taking them for a swing on the golf course. But a key part of golf is what you wear. No, not your out-fit but your eyewear! When practicing sport, good vision is essential to read the terrain correctly. More than 70% of our movements are guided by our vision. Sunglasses are therefore much more than a simple fashion accessory and can be used as a tool to improve performance.

There are some basic key features:

Key Frame Features:

  • Frame Material - You need to look for a frame made out of polycarbonate. This exclusive high-yield polymer based material guarantees maximum impact strength and protection, and yields the level of safety, elasticity and comfort required to engage in sports activities.
  • Anti-Slip Nose Piece - Although this is not necessary it does ensures maximum comfort and eliminate slippage. 
  • Adjustable Nose Pads - They help to keep the frames secure on your face and prevent them from sliding down your nose. Again they are not necessary but they do add to comfort.
  • Anti-Slip Temples - Incorporates non slip components, helping to keep the frame securely on your face.
  • Removable Retaining Strap - Allows attachment of a cord. Although this is not necessary it is a great idea to ensure you don’t lose your glasses. Some frames do come with retaining straps if yours doesn't you can click here to buy one.
  • Lightweight- It's a good idea to have them as lightweight as possible this isn't necessary but just adds to your overall comfort. 
  • Wrapped frame & temples – Extensive curvature provides for the widest field of vision as well as optimum proctection for the eye area. Provides better ergonomic profile for firm fitting on face or head.
  •  These are needed to make sure your frame fits you as securely as it could possible. 

Lens Key Features:

  • Anti-scratch Protection – Reduces lens scratching.
  • Anti Fog Treatment - Prevents condensation on the inside of the lens. Some frame come with anti-fog treatments if your's doesn't you can buy one here in our accessories.
  • Easy Clean - Prevents finger and grease marks and facilitates the dispersal of water droplets and snowflakes making cleaning easier. 
  • 100% UV Protection – Protects your eyes from the sun’s harmful radiation.


  • Tints- there are actually a few different tints to choose from and each have there own merits.

Oakley prescription sports sunglasses
Brown Tint- All Golf Frames with Brown Lenses  Brown- This tint is the most popular for golfers as it increases contrast, has good colour balance and is great for those golfers out there for long periods of time. The brown tint helps sooth eyes so they aren't as tired or stressed.

Copper Tint- All Golf Frames with Copper Tint Copper- This is for the golf with poorer depth perception as one of its great qualities is improving depth perception. It also makes the contours on the green and fairways more distinctive.

 Violet/ Rose Tint- All Golf Frames with Violet/ Rose TintViolet/ Rose- This tint is prodominately used for the golfer who plays come hell or high water. If its rainning or overcast and you are still out there perfecting your game, this is the tint for you. The Violet/ Rose helps you see the flight of the ball and can help you pick it out in the rough too.

All Golf Frames with Green/ Grey LensGreen/ Grey- These are just good all round tints. They provides a good balance between targets and the background brightness so the objects on the course such as flags and the ball standout. 

What if you play in all kinds of different light conditions?

If you're an all year round golfer or play in all different weather condition we would definitely recommend spending a little extra money and choosing a pair of sunglasses that incorporate Photochromic or Interchanageable lens. 

 Photochromic Lenses- They are a state-of-the-art, high contrast, light reactive lens that changes lens tint density with the changing light conditions providing comfortable vision whatever the light intensity. Photochromic lenses will change depending on UV exposure. We would recommend choosing a lens category Cat 1-3 or Cat 2-3 depending on whether you spend more time playing in low light to brighter or just sunny to brighter conditions.

Interchangeable Lenses - Glasses with interchangeable lenses cater for all light conditions. They can be a cheaper option when compared to photochromic lenses and will give you just as much freedom and use of them all year round. 

We have over 130 Sunglasses frames that you could use for Golf so to help you narrow down the choices we have our top 5 recommended golf frames with there special features:

Our Top 5 Recommended Frames

Oakley EVZero Path prescription sports sunglasses for golf

Oakley EVZero Path 

✓ Anti-Slip: Nose and Temple

✓ Base: 8

✓ Cat: 3

✓ Tint: Rose- contrast enhancing

✓ Oakley Prizm Golf Performance Lenses - Easily distinguishes obstacles such as rock, sand and hard packed dirt so you can ride with confidence.

Bolle- 6th Sense prescription sports sunglasses for golfBolle- 6th Sense

✓ Anti-Slip: Nose and Temple

✓ Base: 7

 Cat: 3 

✓ Tint: Rose- contrast enhancing

 Coatings: Hydrophobic and Anti-Fog

adidas whipstart A420 6052 prescription sports sunglasses for golfadidas - Whipstart

✓ Adjustable Nose Pads

✓ Base: 8

✓ Cat: 3

✓ Silver Flash Mirror Coating

✓ Tint: Grey - Good All Rounder

 Prescription Available

Nike Show X2 PH prescription sports sunglasses for golfNike- Show X2 PH

 Anti- Slip: Nose and Temple

✓ Adjustable Nose Pads

✓ Base: 8

✓ Cat: 1-3

✓ Photochromic

✓ Tint: Grey- Good All Rounder

✓ Coatings: Scratch Resistance

 Prescription Available- Clip In

Rudy Project- Agon prescription sports sunglasses for golf

 Rudy Project- Agon

✓ Anti-Slip: Nose and Temple

✓ Adjustable Nose Pads

✓ Base: 8

 Cat: 2-3

✓ Photochromic

✓ Tint: Green- Good All Rounder

 Prescription Available- Clip In

Prescription lenses for golf

So, what are the conventional solutions if you wear glasses and want to play golf? Several solutions are available:

  • Keep wearing your normal glasses… but they won’t protect you from the sun and aren’t suited to practicing sport. They are fragile and have poor hold when swinging the club.
  • Prescription sunglasses with low base curve (up to 6 base). This is a good solution for people with high prescriptions but has the disadvantage of limiting the field of vision.
  • Prescription clip-ons. Another good solution for those with high prescriptions but has a number of disadvantages such as reduced field of vision and though not an issue for golf has an increased tendency to fog during intense activity.
  • Contact lenses. They offer a good alternative, but not everyone gets on with them and many types of sport involve factors that make them particularly uncomfortable such as dust, perspiration and dryness of the eyes.
  • Prescription sunglasses with high base curve. These are typically 8 base as the ones recommended above. These tick all the boxes in that they fit into wraparound frames, providing exceptional periphery vision and  provide protection against the wind and dust from all angles. However, they too have issues. Highly curved frames require a large lens surface which increases the area of vision to be corrected by the glasses. 8 base prescription lenses has the effect of decentering the optical axis which requires complex optical processes to solve the problem. If not prescribed correctly can lead to the risk of blurring of peripheral vision. 

At Eyekit we specialise in providing sports prescription eyewear and can find a solution for you whatever your requirement. If you are interested in wraparound sunglasses with a high base prescription just click on the ‘prescription available’ button below the frame of your choice. We offer specialist high performance lenses and have the experience that enables us to ensure periphery vision within the prescription parameter specified on each prescription package. We offer a large range of options from standard tints of any colour, polarised or photochromic lenses to meet your need.


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