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Barbour International Prescription glasses and Fashion sunglasses logo Barbour International Prescription Sunglasses Image With Motorbike Scene The first Barbour International jacket was put into production in 1936, offering a stylish utilitarian coat that has long been thrown on the backs of men over the years.The Barbour International jacket was worn by every British National Motorcycle team from 1936 – 1977, as well as 95% of competitors at the 1965 TT Isle of Man race. It was also a firm favourite with Steve McQueen, who sported the jacket in 1964 at the ISDT motorcycle race...this jacket is part of motorcycle history and has the pictures to prove it. During the Second World War, the Barbour International jacket became the official Submarine Commanders coat as well on the battlefields of Europe.Their distinct looking sunglasses from the iconic Barbour International label are inspired by their rich motorcycle heritage.