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Animal sports prescription eyewear brand logoAnimal is a UK action sports lifestyle brand based in Poole, England. It was conceived in 1987 by two surfers who wanted to address the need for clothing and accessories that could function under extreme conditions. They started by finding a solution to surfers continuously losing their watches in the water due to the straps breaking under extreme conditions. They have gone on to create an action sport lifestyle brand whose designs are instantly recognisable.  

Animal sports prescription eyewear with skateboarder in park To ensure unrivalled quality, Animal uses a professional team of riders in each of its core sports - surfing, BMX, skiing, skateboarding, mountain biking and snowboarding to try, test and tweak their products, so you know that you’ll be getting real rider performance. Their eyewear have been inspired by the same rigorous process with their attention to detail and flair for great design.

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