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Adidas lens and frame key features for glasses, sunglasses and goggles

Lens Key Features

Adidas offer a range of LST (Light Stabilizing Technology) lenses, Variotuned LST lenses and colour mirrored options.

LST Lenses

LST- Light Stabilizing Technology for sports prescription sunglassesWHAT IS THE LIGHT STABILIZING TECHNOLOGY?

LST works like a colour equaliser, enhancing the perception of pure primary colours. This results in an improved colour perception and high contrast vision. Perfect for sports that takes you in and out of shaded areas as it simultaneously harmonises light fluctuations caused by the interplay of light and shadow.

  • Less eye stress and better vision for your sport
  • Constant, high contrast vision
  • Improved natural colour perception
  • Enhancement of details and contours
  • Equal light harmonization
  • Reducing light to a comfortable level without taking away the beauty of colours

LST stands for optimized light transmission and built-in color equalizer. No matter which light condition, the LST technology developed by adidas sport eyewear provides a constant view with contrast enhancement, maximum peripheral view and natural colors.

This special lens technology intensifies contrasts and simultaneously harmonizes light fluctuations caused by the interplay of light and shadow. Eye fatigue is prevented and improves the power of concentration ensuring top sporting performance.

Variotuned and LST Variotuned

The Vario lenses have the ability to automatically change from a crystal clear to dark tint, featuring a transmission range from 89% to 14%. Utilising their inaction technology, the wafer inlay is injected directly into the lens allowing the Vario lens to automatically adapt to natural lighting conditions (UV radiation), at a speed that rivals that of the best on the market. The adidas sport eyewear Vario lens offers maximum longevity and durability, thanks to the use of their ingenious injection technology.


  • Contrast enhancing/light harmonising LST lenses
  • Lens tint adapts to different light conditions 
  • No lens changing

Overview of Adidas lens range

Adidas LST lenses boost contrast and enhance the natural colour perception, are excellent all-purpose contrast-enhancing and light harmonising lenses, reduce the intensity of light to a comfortable level without taking away the beauty of colours.

Table showing adidas lenses - LST, polarised and Varia lens options

Table showing adidas lenses - LST, polarised and Varia lens options

Adidas Frame Key Features

  • Wrapped frame & temples – Extensive curvature provides for the widest field of vision as well as optimum proctection for the eye area. Provides better ergonomic profile for firm fitting on face or head. Including 8 Base and extreme 10 base.
  • Maximum Field of Vision and Best Protection
  • Ventilation System- Dynamic ventilation technology that directs airflow across lenses to prevent fogging. 
  • 2- Frame Leveling- Flexible side sections of goggle automatically apapt to helmet size to provide a snug fit.
  • Different Sizes- A range of sizes ensure best personal fit and comfort.
  • Double-Snap Nose Bridge- Comfortable fit and grip thanks to an adjustable nose bridge.
  • 4 Position Nose Bridge- Four different fit options thanks to a comfortable adjustable nose bridge
  • SPX- Ultralight, flexible and allergy-free frame material guarentees a comfortable fit. 
  • Tri.Fit- 3-position temples adjust to provide best fit and minimise incomming wind and glare
  • 3-Layer Climacool Facefoam- 3-Layer foam with climacool function delivers perfect fit and comfort.
  • Swear Bar- Detachable foam bar keeps sweat out of the eyes.
  • Face-Fit Foam Pad- Detachable foam pad protects against harsh conditions with a snug face fit.
  • Traction Grip- Perfect stability and comfort thanks to non-slip contact points on the temples.
  • Head Strap- Maximum hold and comfort thanks to a perfect fit
  • Reflective Elements- the reflective parts on select versions increase the wearer's visibility and safety.
  • Durable Scratch-Resistant lenses
  • Vision Adventage PC Lens- Multilayered polycarbonate lens provides best protection and is scratch resistant.
  • Detachable Temples
  • Quick-Release Hinge- Patented release mechanism for the temple hinges. The temples can be easily clicked in or out.
  • Float- Attached to headstrap to keep eyewear buoyant if it falls into water