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Adidas Prescription Solutions for Glasses and Sunglasses 

Why Prescription?

Clear vision allows you to see every tiny detail, so that you can perform better and enjoy the sport you play. Seeing correctly reduces eye fatigue, increases concentration, and lowers your risk for injuries. Just a small change in prescription drastically increases your risk of losing focus. High quality sports eyewear protects the eyes and provides first class vision. For athletes who require prescription lenses, adidas eyewear offers a range of prescription solutions compatible with your individual needs and types of sport.

You can choose between direct glazing, direct adapter and clip-in solutions to ensure optimal performance through optimal vision - your individual prescription solution, builds for performance!

Prescriptions built for performance

 DIRECT ADAPTOR - Provides you with a wide range of prescription optionsCLIP-IN - This versatile prescription solution allows you to quickly and easily change lensesDIRECT GLAZING - Un-compromised vision in sport. Provides you with the largest field of vision for perfect sight from every angle.

DIRECT GLAZING - Un-compromised vision in sport. Provides you with the largest field of vision for perfect sight from every angle.

CLIP-IN - This versatile prescription solution allows you to quickly change lenses and offers the best option for high prescriptions
DIRECT ADAPTOR - Provides you with a wide range of prescription options while maintaining a wide field of vision.

Adidas offer one of the most comprehensive prescription solutions. All their sports sunglasses are available with one or more prescription solution whether it is a directly glazed prescription, a direct adaptor, or clip-in option that can either be rimmed or rimless. Together with their outstanding Light Stabilising Technology (LSTTM), you will see all the details. Regardless of light condition, LST provides a consistent view, so you can focus on your sport. 

The prescription concept by adidas guarantees clear and undistorted vision. Built to face anything, ready to perform, and prescription-adjusted to meet your individual needs.

How good are Adidas prescription lenses?

In our classification of lenses they are equivalent to our Best - High Performance lenses. In fact we use the same lens designs from Shamir to achieve the quality of vision. This enables Adidas to offer the most professional prescription solution which provides the largest field of vision available from a lens manufacturer. The freeform technology in the lenses is precisely calculated at every angle using thousands of precision points. Adidas provide these lenses for both their single vision and progressive sunglasses.

What are the advantages of lenses using Freeform technology compared to generic lenses?

Comparison of generic lenses compared to freeform lensesGeneric lenses can have a disruptive blur-around the perimeter of the lens. The amount of blur will be dependent on the size of the lens, its curvature, and power of the prescription. In contrast, freeform technology provides a clear view over the whole area.

What type of Varifocal lenses do adidas offer?

Sports varifocal prescription with freeform lens technologyThey provide a sports varifocal that offers excellent long-range vision. It also provides an intermediate vision that is ideal for sports such as cycling and running  as it is set to see the details on the ground in-front of you as opposed to a limited distance set to just see computer screens. It also has a small reading prescription set so that you can read information on your trip computer, navigation or heart rate monitor. 

What are the benefits of fitting Direct Adaptors or Clip-in prescription lenses?


Picture showing a direct adaptor inserted into the sunglasses frameThese are designed for people who would prefer a directly fitted prescription but have a prescription that is too high to be directly fitted into the frame.


  • Provides excellent field of vision
  • Provides a wide range of prescription options
  • Comparable to direct-glazed solution


Picture showing a clip-in inserted into the sunglasses frameThese are designed for people who require a versatile solution for the greater flexibility. They can fit the highest prescriptions and as they sit behind the lenses in the frame can be used with frames that have interchangeable lenses.


  • Lenses can be swapped according to different light conditions
  • Clip-in solutions can be used on all adidas eyewear models
  • Best for extremely curved lenses
  • The most cost effective solution as you only need clear lenses.

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