Visual Dyslexia

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Dyslexia is a reading impairment and a lifelong condition affecting children and adults. While dyslexia has its core in a disruption of language processing, some believe that it may be a visual disturbance.

Some dyslexics complain that small letters appear to blur and move around when they're trying to read, leading to research being done in the field of optometry to determine if there is a visual component to dyslexia.

What are the symptoms?

  • Headaches and eyestrain when reading and working on the computer and near work 
  • Text appearing blurred or going in and out of focus
  • Text appearing double or alternating between single and double
  • Difficulty keeping you place in text and difficulty tracking across lines of text
  • Discomfort with brightness of the place or contrast between text and background 
  • Text that appears to shimmer of flicker

What does the test involve?

A visit to your optometrist should be among the first things you do when you or your child is struggling with reading or not reaching their potential. This must be with a optometrist specialist in this field. This is to determine the health of the eyes and rule out near and far sightedness.

Our optometrist Phillippa, has been practicing for 30 years with a specialist interest in Visual Dyslexia. The test takes about 45mins, she will take a detailed visual history and assesses the area where the visual element of dyslexia is affecting your performance. She will pay special attention to eye muscle coordination, accommodation and binocular visual function.

We can further assess using specific eye exercises, coloured overlays and/or tinted lenses. As our working and leisure activities are increasingly centred around the computer or smart phone, we can also provide computer virtual overlay software in order to optimise your computer screen for you.

Treatment and Costs

Get a test with a specialist from £45

Eye exercises depending on need from £15

Prescription Lenses if needed from £25 

Coloured lenses with or without prescription if needed £70

Coloured Overlays/ reading guides from £15.

Book here for a visual dyslexia test