The Top 3 Reasons You May Be Struggling

and 3 Types of Anti-Glare Driving Lenses that can solve the problem

Low Sun/ Low Light

From Summer to Autumn to Winter, 2 of the first things we notice is the drop in temperature and the drop in light especially when driving. A low sun and low light combined can increase glare and reflection for drivers. These reflections can obscure your vision, not only potential causing damage to your eyes but can increase your chance of accidents. Polaroid and polaroid prescription lenses can work by filtering out the flattened waves of light, reducing glare and helping to improve the colours and contrast.

Driving in the Rain

As winter gets near, the nights get longer and we get more rain. More rain unfortunately means more glare especially from rain water on the roads (just like on the image above). For this you should choose VISTA MESH. Vista Mesh is an anti-glare mid index lens which are lighter and thinner than standard CR39 lenses. As the name implies, they incorporate a micro-mesh filter which acts in the same way as a polarising filter in sunglasses except they are clearer. They are designed to align scattered reflections, dampen flicker and block electromagnetic radiation just like you get from car headlights or glare.

You can either choose these specifically for driving or you can get them for general use as they are great for helping with reflective glare from artificial lights and are ideal for those who suffer from visual stress, computer stress and eye fatigue, headaches, PSE or Dyslexia. 

These are available for any prescription frame either sunglasses or glasses

Please note- If you are choosing a vista mesh prescription lens is that they come with a slight brown tinge this can usually only be seen when hold them over white paper otherwise is generally unnoticeable when wearing. 

Blinded by the Headlights

Nobody enjoys driving in the dark and especially not in winter. On coming car heading lights can some times seem blinding. Here you should choose one of our prescription lenses specifically designed for driving at night:

These offer 3 distinct advantages compared to normal single vision lenses for distance vision:

  • They optimise distance vision for driving by providing extra sharpness and power in the upper central part of the lens needed for driving. It is designed for those driving for long periods and particularly at night who feel insecure due to the reduction in their visual capacity and ability to focus on distant objects.
  • The high definition lenses ensures they provide the best vision across the whole curvature of the lens avoiding optical distortions that can occur in the upper periphery area of vision.
  • Some options incorporate anti-glare filters or tints that reduce light scatter and glare from on coming traffic at night particularly from car headlights and can provide improved contrast and brightness perception in poor daylight conditions.

Overall, they provide the driver with superior vision, reduced stress and visual fatigue and a more comfortable and relaxed driving experience at night.

Find this prescription by choosing your prescription frame: 

Step 1: click Single Vision followed by Driving.

 Step 2: choose a package that states Driving ……. High Performance Lenses -  Crystal Clear.

And remember if you don't want to buy a whole new pair or if you have an old pair at home you can convert them into driving glasses/ sunglasses by reglazing them with us.