(As there's no planet B)

Feeling like you want to do more for this environment and save yourself a bit of cash too?

There are lots of things you can do in order to protect our planet today and one of them is to reglaze one of your old pairs glasses. 

If you have a frame that you are happy with, that fits and is still in good condition, you can have new prescription lenses inserted into them with your new or current prescription.

Or perhaps you bought a pair of this years sunnies that you don't wear because you need a prescription?

You can choose from any of our prescription on the website specialist or non specialist. So whether you just want a basic lens (prices starting from £35)

or concerned about driving this winter and need polarised lenses (prices starting from £89.95 and make sure you add on a crystal clear coating £25 to enhance the benefits of anti-glare)  

or maybe you've managed to book yourself a cheeky winter break and want try out our NEW photochromic Gen 8 a lens you can wear in the office and on your sunny holiday (prices for Gen 8 start from £89, photochromic prices start from £69)

We can meet any and all of your requirements for your prescription lenses

So, how does it work?

If you would like to reglaze a frame recently purchased from us simply login and you will be able to select your prescription package from there.

If not we have an easy 5 step process

The only thing you need to know is whether your frame is:




And lastly is your frame flat (under 8 base) or wrap/ Curved (8 base +) see image below for example

Once you know this you can just select from the drop down option, click summit and you will be taken to our prescription menu.

If you would like a varifocals prescription please remember send us 2 photos (following our guide below) in order for us to get accurate measurements below, once you have bought your prescription package and before sending your frame to us

Place the sample frame on. Ensure that it is comfortable and in the position you would normally wear them.

  1. For an accurate measurement please take two photos:

  • Square front on so that you can see both your ears equally. Position the camera about 0.5 - 1.0  metre from your face at eye level and look behind the camera into the distance.
  • Second photo is a side view on the right side so that the frame fit around the ear can be seen.

     2. Email the image to [email protected]

     3. We will that confirm that we have received your photo and we will process your order.

We are a registered Opticians so you will receive the same quality of products as provided by your high street optician but with greater choice and more convenience. 

Better yet if your near Leeds book an appointment to have a sight test so we can put the most up to date prescription lenses in your frame.