Winner - Lens Holder

Winner lens holder for shooting glasses - Available with prescription

Winner lens holder in various diameters and colours

Need a prescription?

This winner lens holder was designed to take most prescriptions that will fit directly into the frame. If required, click on 'Prescription available' icon and select the prescription package you need. Once selected, your prescription will be incorporated into your selected eyewear. Run by qualified opticians, and as part of our customer care process, all eyewear are tested by eyekit to ensure they meet the correct UV rating and your exact prescription before being dispatched. 

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Image of man using Winner Prescriptions sport glasses Winner Glasses

Winner sports fashion prescription sunglasses and glasses logoThe Austrian Tyrol is both the original home of sport shooting and the birthplace of Winner shooting optics. Rainer Krischan, himself an optometrist and Walter Schmied, an optometrist and watchmaker developed and designed shooting glasses which have revolutionized the sport.

Using their experience as sport shooters and hunters they created glasses combined with practical headbands which are comfortably worn on the head.

By removing the conventional spectacle frame the sport shooter enjoys a new level of comfort and has the sensation of not wearing glasses. This is especially advantageous when wearing hearing protection. These innovative developments aid concentration and lead to more precise shooting. 

Their goal:  Look – aim – shoot - and win

About the Brand Technology Winner- Prescriptions for men and women Sports Shooting, Archery and hunting eyewearWinner Glasses

What began as a concept for shooting glasses has developed into an entire philosophy offering innovative solutions, unique design, reliable service and high quality products.

All Winner shooting glasses have been created based on a flexible , modular design system enabling you to purchase and combine Winner glasses as you wish.

  • All their glasses and individual parts, like the iris diaphragm for example, can be used for both the right and left eyes.
  • Purchasing Winner shooting glasses means that both eyes receive individual treatment.
  • Winner leads the field in the treatment of the far-sighted.
  • All Winner glasses and parts are made from extremely light and robust materials.
  • All of their “classical” frames are equipped with springed hinges. The frames and ear pieces can be adjusted to create an individual fit for the head and the ears.