Anti Fog Lens Cleaning Gel

Progear Anti Fog Gel for Prescription Eyewear

This product is perfect for all lenses materials, including anti-reflection coated lenses. Great for reading glasses, sun glasses, sport glasses, ski goggles, and helmet shields. The Anti-Fog Combo Kit includes a 5 gram tube of anti-fog gel and one anti-fog cleaning cloth. 50 applications per tube. Ideal if you suffer from fogging lenses when using medical face masks.


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Progear Eyeguard Glasses and Goggles

Safest Sports Eyewear Ever Created. - Less risk – more fun!

About the Brand Technology Progear Eyeguard safety Sport Eyewear Prescriptions for Men and Women Glasses, Goggles and Sunglasses SportsThe eyes need special protection especially in fast-paced types of ball sports. PROGEAR Eyeguard has been developed to include special athletics features that
significantly minimize the risk of serious eye injuries during sports. With PROGEAR, protection is guaranteed as each frame is made from extremely durable
polycarbonate and includes special lens mounts within each frame.

Around 95% of our movements are controlled by vision. Those who can see well while playing sports will be able to react more quickly, move more confidently and will better appreciate situations therefore avoiding dangerous accidents. PROGEAR Eyeguard sports eyewear offers a wide field of vision and lenses can be custom fit with personal prescriptions.

There are many reasons why PROGEAR Eyeguard fits so flawlessly. From the interior cushion and nose pads to the flexible headband mount, every detail ensures an accurate fit and comfortable wear. The combination of excellent materials, meticulous workmanship and a cool design makes PROGEAR Eyeguard sports eyewear feel all-around safe and comfortable.

PROGEAR Eyeguard comes in 4 sizes, EG-S1010 (Size 48 18) for kids; EG-M1020 (Size 52 18) for juniors and ladies; EG-L1030 (Size 55 19) and EG-L1040 (Size 57 19) for adults. Each size frame has its own  unique and age-relevant colours.

Key Features

Key features of Progear Eyeguard About the Brand Technology Progear Eyeguard Key features Prescriptions Men and Women Glasses, Goggles and Sunglasses Sports