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Nannini Sports Sunglasses AQUA available with prescription

For all water sports enthusiasts, the Aqua offers a lightweight modular frame supplied with polarised lenses to offer improved contrast as standard.

Key features:

  • Modular design
  • Supplied with drawstring bag
  • Supplied with high contrast brown polarising lenses
  • One size adult fit
  • Temple design suitable for most helmets.
  • Adjustable nose pad available.
  • QUICKFIX system makes it easy to change lenses
  • Brown colour improve colours contrast and images definition
  • 100% UV protection
  • Prescriptions available: Clip–in within +6 to -6 spheres with opp cyls to 4.00. See below:

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About the Brand- Nannini Prescriptions sport glasses and sunglasses for men and womenNannini Sunglasses

Nannini sports fashion prescription glasses and sunglasses logoThe brand story is one of Italian accomplishment, devotion and dedication. It prompted the automotive and motorcycle aficionado Giorgio Nannini to create in his laboratory, specialized and innovative eyewear for driving both antique and modern cars.

The idea of specialized indestructible eyewear ideal for different sports came out of a chance encounter with a Bugatti racing car drivers in 1958. In 1962, another happy coincidence led Nannini onto his most ambitious project: the thinnest eyewear in the world, eyewear that was practical and easy to carry around. This is how Compact, the Italian and international prize-winning eyewear line, was born. In 1972, production started on a large scale (meticulously Made in Italy, as it still is today) with the purchase of specially designed machinery to make glasses with lenses.

However, it was not until 1976, after an innovative and successful sales campaign which included talking in-store displays (a first in the industry), that the name became what it is today: well-known and appreciated world-wide, with immediate brand recognition.

International market growth led to much recognition and resulted in the honour of a special exhibition for the eyewear being hosted at the MOMA in New York: "Ingenious and Unique Eyewear in the World”.

The brand still holds to the same values that prompted Giorgio Nannini to start out on his fantastic adventure: passion, craftsmanship and quality that is diligently Made in Italy. Nannini stands for style, technical precision and Italian appeal.

About the Brand Technology Nannini Prescriptions for sports sunglasses for Men and Women Glasses, GogglesNannini Sunglasses

Nannini combines great technical ingenuity with the craftsman's touch. They state that their eyeglasses are recognizable anywhere… because they are revolutionary, futuristic and innovative.

Their glasses are created using the highest quality materials that have been carefully chosen, and then attentively worked on by craftsmen, all of which has been inspired by dedication and devotion to the final product.

They have not forgotten their roots and the great traditions of master craftsmen: carefully selected materials that are fabricated by historical, semi manual machines. This means that you can wear a product of technology with craftsmanship like quality and 100% Italian design.