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Anti Fog Buster with all Purchases of Sunglasses and Goggles


Fog Buster Anti Fog Treatment for Prescription Sunglasses Goggles and GlassesThe Fog Buster Anti-Fog Treatment System out performs all other anit-fogs! With all purchases of sunglasses and goggles, we will send you a  free Fog Buster Anti-Fog application for you to try out when needed. These applications are optimized for use with ophthalmic lenses, ski goggles, scuba masks and motorbike helmet shields. Ideal for industrial safety and other eyewear it prevents fogging for hours or days depending on the application. It goes on clear and stays clear.

Please note that it is not recommended for anti-reflective coated lenses. 

Lens Cleaning Spray with all Purchases of Glasses, Lifestytle Sunglasses and Prescriptions

Lens Cleaning Spray Offer for Prescription Glasses and Lifestyle Sunglasses LensesThe Lens Cleaning Spray is a great way to be able to quickly clean your glasses lenses. With all purchases of glasses, lifestyle sunglasses and prescriptions we will send you a free Lens Cleaning Spray. All you need is to quickly spray your lenses and wipe them clean. It will get rid off all those annoying greasy finger marks. 

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We’ve moved into Leeds!