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Cebe Ski Goggles Artic - Available with Prescription

Ultra-lightweight, this spherical goggle guarantees a wide field of view and great comfort thanks to its 3-density face foam. 

Frame Key Features:

  • Widevision - Widevision lens for superior peripheral vision and clarity.
  • Helmet Compatible - Compatible with commercial climbing, skiing and snow boarding helmets.
  • Easy Fit - Fit over glasses
  • Carrying Case - Goggle pouch included.

Lens Key Features:

  • Lens Material – Polycarbonate. They are light yet offer good shock resistance. Great for sport and general purpose wear.
  • Lens Category – Cat. 1. With a visible light transmission of 43%, they are ideal for low light/cloudy conditions.
  • Lens curvature – 10 base. Improves awareness and offers exceptional periphery vision.
  • Flash Mirror Coating - flash or mirror coating is good for situations that require a reduction in the overall brilliance of light, such as sunlight on snow, roads or water.
  • 100% UV Protection - Protects your eyes against harmful UV rays.
  • Amber Tint - The Amber tinted polarized lens covered by an Emerald Green Multi-Coat Mirror surface are specially designed to amplify color contrast and deliver high visual definition.

Prescription Packages

These Cebe sports sunglasses are designed to take a prescription insert as an alternative to wearing contact lenses. The optical adaptor is designed to fit securely into the frame. If required click on the 'Prescription available' icon and select the prescription package you need. Once selected, your prescription will be incorporated into your selected eyewear. Run by qualified opticians, and as part of our customer care process, all eyewear are tested by eyekit to ensure they meet the correct UV rating and your exact prescription before being dispatched.

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    About the Brand- Cebe Goggles, Glasses and SunglassesCebe Sunglasses and Goggles

    Cebe sports prescription eyewear brand logoFounded in 1892 at Morez in Jura by Jean-Louis Crestin-Billet, Cebe claims to be the oldest sports eyewear brand in the world. They have a tradition of producing stylish and technically advanced high quality optical frames, sport performance sunglasses, ski goggles and helmets. The premium quality, highly durable frames are all designed for performance and comfort.

    Cebe's first claim to fame was when Baron Benz, the founder of Mercedes-Benz cars asked Cebe to produce some goggles for him and his dog to wear when out in his sports car. This was before windscreens were invented and eventually led to first Cebe sport goggles. Since then, the earliest aeroplane pilots, and then the world's leading explorers, mountaineers and skiers have all selected Cebe for their lens quality, resilience and comfort.

    Amongst the first rock and ice climbers to gain world renown, Walter Cecchinel, worked with Cebe's research department to design their top quality mountain sunglasses - the Cecchinel range. More recently, Edburne Pasaban, world champion climber and the first woman to climb all of the world’s peaks of over 8,000m has helped Cebe perfect sunglasses for such extreme environments. Also since the fifties, Cebe has won numerous medals with skiers such as Ingemar Stenmark.

    Today, Cebe are commitment to providing sunglasses for most outdoor and leisure activities and has now expanded to include summer sports such as Beach Volley, In-line Skating or Triathlon. The company's products are distributed in over sixty countries.

    About the Brand Technology- Cebe Sunglasses Prescription Sports Men and WomenCebe Goggles and Sunglasses

    Cebe have a range of eyewear that can be adapted for any sport.

    Cebe Sunglasses Frame Technology

    Made from TR90 nylon, Cebe frames are ultra-lightweight and flexible, particularly comfortable for wearing  all day long. The nylon used also offers shock resistance. Their frames include features specific to various sports. Look at the key features at a glance icons on the individual Eyekit product pages for specific features of models.  They include the following:

    Folding side shields – When open they offer maximum protection against extreme conditions (sun, snow, wind). Closed they let the wearer adapt them to all types of sport.

    Ventilated and adjustable side shields – The side shields are adjustable in 2 positions. When closed the side shields stop sunlight, wind and dust from entering via the sides. When open, the side shields channel the airflow to the inner side of the lens avoiding lens fogging

    Ultra compact sunglasses  - The arms can be folded inwards to make them ultra-compact and less bulky for storage. Perfect for outdoor experts!

    Ultra comfortable ventilated nose piece – The rubber nose piece guarantees perfect comfort for the wearer. Ventilated it ensures excellent airflow through the inside of the sunglasses eliminates all fogging.

    Elastic strap – Designed to be functional and look good, the elastic strap fixes directly onto the ends of the arms for comfort and security in action.

    Adjustable Ergo Temples – This innovative and exclusive concept guarantees a perfect fit, extreme comfort and great stability. The revolutionary shape of the temple’s pads distributes the pressure over a wider area of the head ensuring an ergonomic fitting. Thanks to the mechanical adjustment of the temples in 5 positions, every athlete can achieve the best positioning. The temple’s pads are made of two materials to offer comfort and grip.

    High comfort top shield – The soft foam of the high comfort top shield cushions the frame against the face and ensures maximum comfort when the elastic strap is in use. The foam layer stops sweat from reaching the eyes to prevent irritation and lens fogging even during the most extreme activities.

    Adjustable nose pads – All models are supplied with non-slip nose pads which stay in place for a secure yet comfortable fit. They are adjustable to suite any nose shape or size.

    2Dmatic adjustable nose pads – some models are adjustable in 2 positions to ensure the perfect fit and optimum positioning on the users face. The simple mechanics assure and easy and user friendly adjustment.

    Prescription lenses available – Cebe have developed frames that allow lenses to be fully integrated while still maintaining perfect optical quality. The design of the lens is based on the shape of the frame. Clip in attachments are also available that can be switched between different sun lenses, allowing the wearer to adapt the equipment depending on the weather.

    Ventilated lenses – The lenses have been specifically designed to optimize air circulation to minimize fogging.

    Interchangeable lenses – Some models come complete with three pairs of lenses  to suite all weather conditions. Category 3 grey lenses for bright sunlight, yellow for cloudy weather and a clear pair for very low light conditions.

    Kids Frames

    Bi-Material frame – The frame is made of two materials. The hard grilamid frame guarantees great resistance, ergonomy and stability on the child’s face, whilst the surface in contact with the child’s skin is covered with soft material to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

    Xtra-Flex hinge – The hinge is made of soft material giving great flexibility to the frame and ensuring a fit perfectly adapted to the developing shape and size of the youngest heads.

    Cebe Sunglasses Lens Technology

    Polycarbonate lens – A combination of protection, performance and visual comfort – ideal for sport. They are 50 times more impact resistant than glass, are lightweight and provide 100% UVA/B/C protection.

    CEBE 4000 Mineral Lenses – A lens specifically designed for use at high altitudes where exceptional light intensity is experienced. They include a scratch resistant lens providing superior optical quality. And an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and prevent eye fatigue.

    Cebe Goggle Lens Technology

    About the Brand Technology- Cebe Sunglasses Prescription Sports Men and WomenPOLYCARBONATE DOUBLE LENS

    1 - Polycarbonate outer lens

    The outer polycarbonate lens developed by CÉBÉ is anti-scratch, high impact resistant and lightweight. Transferring the technology used for sunglasses, the external lens is decentred to avoid any optical distortion (prismatic effect) which could occur in a wrap around frame.

    About the Brand Technology- Cebe- Polycarbonate Double Lens Sunglasses Prescription Sports Men and Women2 - Acetate Inner Lens

    Acetate is a material used to make top-quality, resistant lenses for vision correction with great antifog properties. A special anti-fogging treatment is applied to improve these natural properties

    3 - Anti-reflective Coating

    On traditional double lenses, in certain light conditions, you may have a disturbing “double image” phenomenon caused by the reflection of the main image. Thanks to the anti-reflective coating this reflection is cancelled.